The first step to starting your dream life in Ireland

The first step to starting your dream life in Ireland

What to know about Ireland

This famous island of Celtic origins and green landscapes is located in the westernmost part of Europe.


A lush green island, it is famous for its rolling hills and picturesque landscapes. Ireland has transformed over the years into a society with a highly skilled population and a sophisticated, progressive society that is experiencing significant economic growth. It is home to many of the world’s leading technology companies such as Google, Intel, Facebook and Twitter.

Ireland offers an excellent quality of life. The government has taken sound measures to make it an environmentally friendly nation and to lower crime rates.

The education system is excellent. Several Irish schools and universities rank among the best institutions in the world.

The Irish are very friendly, open and fun-loving. When emigrating to Ireland, it is impossible not to feel welcome!

Ireland is one of the 10 most “peaceful” countries in the world, ranked 8th in the global peace ranking. It is a very safe country.

Solutions for living in Ireland

Secure residency status in Ireland and move to Europe with the whole family. A safe country with a high standard of living to call home within the European Union.


Residence by investment in Ireland

Minimum required investment
Residence requirements
Approval request time
Family permission
Travel without a visa

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Family permission
Travel without a visa