The best neighborhoods to invest in Madrid

The capital of Spain is one of the cities that offers the best real estate opportunities on the market. In addition to this, Madrid offers work, professional, leisure and cultural or sports alternatives to those who wish to make an investment. In this post, we will see which are the recommended neighborhoods to invest in Madrid.

Madrid has the main museums of the country, universities, prestigious international schools and a communication network at the level of any large cosmopolitan city. It is the nerve center of Spain, where the Royalty, the president of the government and the main public figures of Spain reside, counting on multitude of institutional buildings, historical, palaces and gardens.

Neighborhoods to invest in Madrid

The city of Madrid is divided into different neighborhoods, each with different characteristics that we must consider when making investments. The most prominent neighborhoods to invest in Madrid are the following:


It is one of the neighborhoods with the most movement in real estate. Thanks to its location, many real estate developments are currently being built at very attractive prices. That is why it is a good place to invest in Madrid.


El Retiro is one of the most attractive residential areas in the center of the capital. It is located in the Retiro district in an area surrounded by museums and parks. The average price of the square meter in this area exceeds 5,000 euros, so the properties for sale in this area are aimed at an exclusive public with high economic capacity.


Salamanca is an interesting neighborhood where invest in Madrid. It has always been distinguished for being the most exclusive neighborhood in the capital. Its streets are full of prestigious shops and Michelin-starred restaurants. The embassies of the most important countries in the world are also located there.


Really close to Prado’s mountain, Hortaleza is an interesting neighborhood where invest in Madrid because it is perfect for those people who living in the capital don’t want to lose contact with nature.


One of the widest areas of Madrid, also known for its wide boulevards. This neighborhood has numerous sports facilities and also an expanding area for gastronomic leisure. It is one of the best areas for real estate investment Madrid, since the price of housing is very stable.

La Latina

The evolution of the downtown area has also reached La Latina, an emblematic area of ​​the capital for hosting in its streets the one known as “Madrid of the Austrians”. Its streets are full of cultural areas, markets, bars, restaurants, leisure areas and monuments.


It is a central and residential neighborhood that is located in the Ambassadors area. Arganzuela stands out for the tranquility of its wide streets, the large number of green areas and, of course, its real estate developments with large common areas. It is an interesting neighborhood to make an investment in Madrid because it is very close to the center, with all the positive that this implies, but at the same time far enough away to offer the resident tranquility.


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