The first step to start your dream life in Dominica

The first step to start your dream life in Dominica

What to know about Dominica

Dominica is an island of remarkable unspoilt beauty, where lush green forests stretch across its hills from shore to shore. It has a rugged coastline, thick jungle and hidden caves throughout. English is the country’s official language, but French is also widely spoken.

Located in the Caribbean, Dominica enjoys a tropical climate. Its average temperature varies around 30°C, with highs in the 50°C range.

This island is famous for its virtually untouched nature, with green mountains, countless rivers and waterfalls.

In Dominica you do not have to renounce your current citizenship. Furthermore, Dominica does not notify the authorities in your current country of citizenship or residence of your new citizenship.

Solutions for living in Dominica

Dominica’s citizenship program offers several ways to obtain one of the most affordable and flexible second passports in just 3 months, allowing visa-free travel to 139 countries.


Citizenship by investment in Dominica

Minimum required investment
Residence requirements
Approval request time
Family permission
Travel without a visa

Investment required
Permanence requirements
Citizenship in
Family permission
Travel without a visa