The first step to starting your dream life in Malta

The first step to starting your dream life in Malta

What to know about Malta

Malta offers a coveted European standard of living to its inhabitants in a beautiful Mediterranean setting. Its idyllic beaches and turquoise waters are the main attraction of the 3 islands that make up this country.


Its legislation and tax system are among the most favorable in Europe, in addition to low crime rates, a relaxed lifestyle, and 300 days of sunshine a year.

The Maltese people speak both English and Maltese, as both are official languages.

Malta has one of the best climates in the world. This Mediterranean island enjoys warm, sunny weather all year round.

Malta has been voted the second safest country to live worldwide by the UN.

One of the best aspects of life on this island is that the prices for cultural activities, as well as accommodation, are very low.

Solutions for living in Malta

There are various programs available for obtaining a permit to live and work in Malta. Find out which one best suits you and your needs.


Maltese citizenship


Residence by investment in Malta

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