The first step to starting your dream life in Canada

The first step to starting your dream life in Canada

What to know about Canada

Canada is a G7 country, with one of the world’s best performing economies over the past decade. It is a diverse, tolerant, peaceful and welcoming nation, known for its wilderness and breathtaking natural beauty.


Canada offers a cosmopolitan, family-friendly lifestyle and has a well-developed business environment. It has an excellent education system with numerous public schools and elite universities.

Canada has been ranked the fifth happiest country in the world for its high indicators of general well-being.

Education in Canada, at all levels, is considered one of the best in the world in terms of quality and conditions.

It enjoys low rates of crime and violence, which is one of the main motivators for immigrants from different parts of the world seeking safe environments for their families.

The strong immigrant presence in its main cities makes Canada an open and multicultural country. The existence of two official languages, English and French, accentuates the diversity of this society.

Solutions for living in Canada

There are various programs for obtaining permits to live and work in Canada. Find out which one is right for you.


Canadian Citizenship


Residency by investment in Canada

Minimum required investment
Residence requirements
Approval request time
Family permission
Travel without a visa

Investment required
Permanence requirements
Citizenship in
Family permission
Travel without a visa