Construction resumes again

Since last week, and after 15 days of total lockdown, good news have come from the construction and real estate sectors. Most of the works by construction companies have been resumed, and it is estimated that there are 350 developments underway to build some 30,000 homes, which will be delivered in the coming months and years.

This figure represents 100% of the total residential development and from the sector they have explained that, thanks to the professionalism of the construction companies, the break in these two weeks can be recovered in the coming days.

Likewise, and to return to work, Seopan, the employers of the large promoters, explained that it is necessary for workers to follow the measures taken by the health authorities. As far as possible, the use of masks is recommended and that the safety distance is maintained. Also, it is recommended not to share the material or meet with coworkers during breaks.

It is important to remember that the rehabilitation and reform of buildings with residents has been stopped until further notice.

If you want more information about the impact on the real estate sector, you can read this interview to Oriol Molas.