Expand your financial and lifestyle options

Many European countries are offering attractive investment options to individuals who would like to expand their financial options and improve their present lifestyles. In exchange for substantial investments, many countries in Europe are offering permanent residency and several years later, the option for citizenship.  Residency by investment offers investors the opportunity to invest in real estate or financial products that will secure a brighter future for the investor and their families. Both the investor and the country benefit from this arrangement.

In Europe, Portugal, Spain and Greece have the most popular citizenship by investment programs.  Each of these countries offers the investor a safe and stable environment in which to live, work or study, they have beneficial tax rates and provide the entrepreneur or businessman with minimal risk.

Countries in which expand your financial options

The Portugal Golden Visa allows the applicant to invest in residential or commercial property for at least €500,000 in cities like Lisbon or Porto or €350,000 in a property that is 30 years old or older that needs to rehabilitated or €280,000 in a property in a low density area like Aljezur or Peneda Geres. The investor and their family members only need to hold on to their investment for five years and spend seven days a year in Portugal for them to be eligible for citizenship and a passport.

The Golden Visa Greece requires only a minimum €250,000 investment in real estate to avail of a residency permit valid for five years and renewed for another five years. Immediate family members are included in the application that will grant them visa-free travel to the Schengen countries and European Union countries.  Other than real estate property, the applicant can also invest in a five to ten years lease agreement of a tourist complex or agricultural land or buy shares in a tourist project, all of which can be rented out after purchase.  After a minimum of seven years residency in Greece, the residence permit holder can apply for citizenship.

The Spain Golden Visa requires a substantial investment of at least €500,000 in real estate that will allow the holder and his family the right to live, study and work in Spain. The property can be a single unit or several but worth at least €500,000.  Holders of the Spain Golden Visa can travel visa-free throughout the European Union and have access to the excellent healthcare services and world-class education that Spaniards enjoy. As long as the holder keeps their investment, the residence permit can be renewed every two years.  Permanent residency can be obtained after five years and citizenship after ten years if the conditions required are met.