Get to know Orience: full-service firm for residence and citizenship by investment

Orience explained: who are we and what do we do?

Listen to Krista Victorio, Managing Partner in Orience, and discover everything that we provide to help you in your journey.



Orience is your worldwide mobility partner.  We are a professional services firm dedicated to providing global mobility solutions for investors, companies, and digital nomads.

As Krista points out, Orience is dedicated to residency and citizenship by investment programs, with main focus on the Golden Spanish Visa  and everything that it offers.

Goals & services

Our mission is to provide mobility and lifestyle solutions, as well as helping you to establish a plan that best suits your objectives according to your needs and current situation. For this reason, we offer tailor-made services adapted to the circumstances of each client.

Offering a customized plan during all the process, we provide services such as life planning, tax and legal advice, property management and relocation services, mobility and corporate solutions, residency and visas and investment advice.

We don’t believe in borders

With a huge range of clients from all over the world, we have over a decade of experience in global mobility solutions and a multicultural team ready to offer proficient advice and support on Citizenship and Residence by Investment Programs worldwide.

In the world we live in, international mobility is everybody’s business: The Orience team will guide you from the first step to the last in your new life journey.

Get in touch with us and start the life of your dreams.