Why settle for one when you can have two: passport diversification.

Investors now use the power of investment programs to access their two or three legal residencies or citizenships in more than one country, thus achieving a diversification of passports. When you have a choice of several passports, why carry only one? Most investors have been encouraged to obtain not only one back-up plan, but also two or three alternatives as their investment needs dictate. With the pandemic, the world has recently been full of volatility.

Most investors prefer to diversify their holdings, and Orience has always tried to offer these multiple solutions not only for financial reasons, but also to have a safe haven in other regions of the world. These offer the possibility of having a residence or a second passport on two different continents.

Why diversification of passports is important

Entrepreneurs often have the need to frequently apply for visas, such as the Schengen visa for Europe or the Chinese visa and various other temporary visas elsewhere. Given this need, the goal is then to obtain a European residence visa, which will allow travel to any EU country where business is frequently conducted. For regular business travelers, the possibility of eventually applying for citizenship in Europe is attractive. It is possible to qualify for the Spanish Golden Visa program by investing EUR 500,000 in one of the eligible real estate projects or by opting for any of the other options allowed under the program.

The Spanish residence visa can be granted after 60 days, allowing investors to travel regularly to the EU. In addition, every six months, 90 days can be spent in another EU country, which is more than enough time for short business trips, vacations and meetings.

The specific case of China is worth noting. The main feature of Grenada’s citizenship by investment program is the agreement it has with China, allowing its citizens to enter the Asian country without a visa.  In addition, it offers the advantages of having a Grenada citizenship that can be extended to family members.

After receiving Grenada citizenship by investment, family members of an investor can also apply for citizenship. In this way, they gain visa-free access to several countries, which increases their business opportunities, educational opportunities and freedom to travel. They also retain their original citizenship.