Spanish citizenship,

Enjoy the advantages of a second passport

Free movement in the EU
Visa-free travel to 189 countries.
Right to vote

Spanish citizenship,

Enjoy the advantages of a second passport

Free movement in the EU
Visa-free travel to 189 countries.
Right to vote

About Citizenship

Spanish citizenship allows you to live indefinitely in Spain, with all the rights pertaining to Spanish nationality. These include the right to vote, reside, work or study in the EU in addition to freedom of movement, among others.


  • EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP: Unrestricted freedom of movement, protection for workers and consumers.
  • RIGHT TO VOTE: All Spanish citizens residing in Spain or abroad who are registered in the Electoral Census.
  • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Visa-free travel to 189 countries. The 4th most powerful passport in the world.
  • EU PASSPORT: The right to live and work anywhere in the EU.

How to obtain Spanish citizenship

There are four options for applying for Spanish nationality.

Nationality by residence

Nationality by marriage

Nationality by descent

Nationality by option

Requirements for citizenship by residence

As a general rule, you must reside in Spain for 10 years before applying for citizenship. However, there are several exceptions:

  • For refugees, only 5 years of residence are required.
  • Nationals of all Latin American countries, Andorra, Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines and Portugal are only required to reside in Spain for 2 years before applying for Spanish nationality. In addition, they will not have to renounce their nationality of origin and will be able to keep both.
  • Those married to a Spanish citizen must have lived in Spain for 1 year before applying for Spanish citizenship. The same applies to children and grandchildren of Spanish citizens born in Spain.

Required stay period begins from issuance of first residency permit.

Stays in Spain on a student or tourist visa do not count towards citizenship.

It is essential to have lived in the country for the required number of years without interruption.

You must demonstrate proper civic behavior, as the authorities will check your criminal record and police records.

Requirements for citizenship by marriage

Foreigners who have legally resided in Spain for one year, are married to a Spanish citizen and have lived together for at least one year, may apply for Spanish nationality. Unmarried or divorced partners are not eligible for this procedure.

Requirements for citizenship by descent

Children of Spanish parents can obtain a Spanish passport immediately.

Requirements for citizenship by option

To become a Spanish citizen by option, the main requirements are that the applicant’s parents previously applied for this nationality, and that the applicant is under 18 years of age.

The parents must include the birth certificate of the minor when applying for nationality.

The subject will have the option to apply for nationality in the two years following his or her coming of age i.e., until the age of 20.


Other cases:

  • Children of foreign nationals born in Spanish territory.
  • Persons over 18 years of age who were adopted by Spanish citizens.
  • Persons who have been in the custody of Spanish subjects.

Acquisition process

Contact Orience

We will check that you meet all the requirements

Compilation of the necessary documentation

For the application and preparation for the Spanish language and general culture exams

Submit residency application

Submission of the documentation


Application approved and oath sworn to the Spanish monarchy and Constitution

Issuance of documents

Approval presented to National Police for the issuance of the Spanish National Identity Card and Passport

“At the age of 28 I came to Spain to study an MBA in Barcelona. Once I finished my master’s degree, I decided to put down my roots in the city and set up my own business. I contacted Orience by recommendation and after two years of living in Spain, they helped me to apply for nationality. Today I can finally say that I have dual Filipino and Spanish nationality”.

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