All the advantages of European residence

If you are an international investor looking for the best country to start your own business, to invest, retire or have an alternative plan, we can help you. Through the European residence or residence by investment you and your family can benefit from its many advantages.

What does European residence bring me?

First of all, European residence gives you and your family freedom. You can travel freely between the EU countries and enjoy the culture, food and quality life of different places.  Moreover, having a and alternative plan -having a residence abroad or possessing a residence permit in another country- during crisis situation, such the global crisis due to the coronavirus, is very important.

Those are the main advantages of the European residence:

  • Regrouping the family: Spain, Portugal and Greece Golden Visa allows you to regroup the entire family (spouse and children). In the Greek case your parents and parents-in-law are included.
  • Access to the healthcare system: You and your family will be able to access healthcare completely free of change.
  • Right to work: Both in Spain and Portugal the residence permit gives you the right to work in the country. It does not happen in the case of Greece.
  • Access to the educational system: As we have previously commented, minors can benefit from most advantages of the Golden Visa programme, and one of them is access to the best schools and colleges.
  • Good quality life: Spain, Portugal and Greece offer a great quality life. With a very pleasant Mediterranean climate, the three countries offer all essential services at an affordable price.

 Golden Visa programme

These are the details for each programme:

Spanish Golden Visa:

Residence in 60 days

Investment from €500,000

Visa-free travel to Schengen zone


Greek Golden Visa:

Approval in 60 days

Investment from €250,000

Visa-free travel to Schengen Zone


Portuguese Golden Visa:

Approval in 90 days

Investment from €280,000

Visa-free travel to Schengen zone


Orience by your side

If you want to get the European residence, we can help you. We will advise you on which residence programme is best for you and your family according to your needs and circumstances.

Moreover, you can invest and apply for a programme without leaving your country. Our team will manage everything so you do not have to worry. Contact us.