How do I report a claim to my insurance company?

There is always the possibility of accidents in our homes.  Therefore, home insurance is essential especially if the homeowner does not live in their Spanish residence on a regular basis.  When an incident occurs, it is important that one stay calm, have presence of mind and report a claim to my insurance company as soon as possible.  You can also notify your insurance broker who can help you with the whole process.

Reporting to the insurance company can solve minor issues like leaks, small fires, or power surges that affect the appliances of the house without having to assume the costs of repair.

Steps to take when an accident occurs:


  1. Reduce the consequences of the accident as much as possible.
    • Apply the best and most convenient rescue measures.
    • Avoid further or major damage.
    • Wait for the insurer to send professionals to assess and repair the damage.
  1. Contact the customer service of the insurance company to report the incident by phone or through the internet. Report the incident as soon as possible as the claim must be made within a maximum of seven days. If the incident is reported later than the allotted time of seven days, problems may arise with the insurance company.
  2. Have the following information ready:
    • Name, surname and identification cards of insured
    • Policy Number
    • Date of accident
    • Description of place of accident, cause of accident, and damage incurred
    • Additional data if a third party was affected
    • Photographs of the damage caused by the accident and a damage report
    • Indicate if the loss suffered has been caused by another person

Steps Insurance Company Will Take:


  1. Once the insurance company has received the incident report on the damages and losses of the insured, they will send a specialist or an expert to thoroughly assess the damages reported and certify their veracity.
  2. The insured party should receive a report of the cost of the damages and losses from the insurance company within five days.
  3. If a theft has occurred, it is important that the insured file a written complaint with the police that will serve as a necessary document when processing the corresponding compensation.
  4. The insurance company has forty days to proceed with the processing of the incident and process the minimum amount of estimated compensation payment as provided by the coverage and three months to pay the full compensation.
  5. The insurer can either approve or reject the claim.
    • If the insurer approves the payment, the insured receives compensation for the damages and case is closed.
    • If the insurer rejects the claim and its corresponding compensation, the insured will receive a report with the reasons as to why the claim was denied.

Problems that May Occur with Insurance Policy

It is important that the insured always review their insurance policy. They must review the conditions of the policy, its coverage, limits of the guarantees and exclusions, understand what is not covered, and always read and understand the fine print.

  • A common problem is that the insured is underinsured. The policy does not adequately cover the incident that occurred. A proportional or equity rule can be applied wherein the compensation of the coverage is adjusted to the premium that was paid for a risk that in reality was greater than what the insurer had recorded.
  • Failure to report the accident or incident within the allotted time of seven days.
  • Failure to present documents to support the claim is another problem insurance claimants may encounter. If you are not able to present documents like photos, receipts, proof of ownership, and other documents, your claim may be rejected.
  • The insured failed to update the insurance company on important issues such as increased hazards, changes in the value of your home, and other facts that might lead to insurance claim issues.  The insurance company will not reject a valid claim but can use these issues to settle for a lower amount.
  • The insured failed to read or fully understand the fine print and therefore will have to settle for a lower compensation payment.  The help of the insurance broker may be necessary.
  • Failure by the insured to institute measures to protect the property after the incident has occurred may cause insurance companies to refuse to pay for damages that could have been prevented.
  • Throwing away damaged property before the insurance company’s assessor has checked on them may give the wrong impression and make your loss difficult to assess.
  • The option to repair or replace damaged property is determined by the insurance company. This can lead to problems if there is a disagreement with the homeowner if the repaired sections do not match, you are no longer interested in the property after it has been repaired and the quality of the repair or replacement is not satisfactory.

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