How to enhance your networking during international mobility

From, your trusted resource for international mobility solutions, we bring you an article to help you improve your networking. Whether you are an investor, run a company or are a digital nomad, these tips will be of great help to you.

Recognizing the power of networking

Defining networking

Networking is an essential strategy in the business world. It consists of establishing and maintaining professional contacts for the exchange of information and opportunities. It is the art of building valuable relationships and maintaining an open dialogue with people who can help you achieve your professional goals.

The relevance of networking in international mobility

Networking takes on an even more significant role when it comes to international mobility. In an unfamiliar environment, a strong network of contacts can provide support and guidance. This practice can open doors to new business opportunities, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and help you integrate into a new culture more smoothly.

Networking tactics that will propel you to success

Maximize the use of social networks

LinkedIn: your strategic ally

LinkedIn is the professional networking platform par excellence. It allows you not only to search for job opportunities, but also to connect with professionals in your field. Remember to keep your profile updated and attractive, and join groups related to your industry or interests.

Other high-impact platforms

Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram can be useful for networking. Actively participating in groups and discussions can help you make valuable connections.

Submerge yourself in relevant events and conferences

In-person or virtual events, such as conferences and workshops, are an excellent opportunity to expand your network. Prepare in advance, research the participants, and make sure you have a quick and effective presentation of yourself.

Develop effective communication skills

To be effective in networking, you must not only be a good speaker, but also a good listener. Show interest in others, ask pertinent questions, and remember that a good conversation is a two-way street.

Keep your networking vital

The crucial role of constant communication

Once you have established contact, you must maintain the relationship. You can do this by sending a follow-up email, commenting on their social media posts, or even sharing relevant content.

Sustain long-term relationships

Keep reciprocity alive in your networking relationships. Make an effort to get to know your contacts on a personal level, celebrate their accomplishments, and offer to help when possible.

Successfully navigate the pitfalls of networking

Avoid excessive aggressiveness

Networking is not about aggressively selling yourself. Instead, focus on building solid, genuine relationships.

Don’t underestimate your present contacts

While it’s always important to make new contacts, never underestimate the value of existing contacts. Be sure to invest time and effort in maintaining these relationships.


Effective networking is a powerful tool during international mobility. From Orience, we hope these tips will help you maximize your networking and make the most of all the opportunities this can bring you.

Frequently asked questions about networking in international mobility

Why is networking so important for international mobility?

Because it can open doors to new business opportunities, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and help you integrate into a new culture more smoothly.

How can LinkedIn help me in my networking?

LinkedIn allows you to connect with professionals in your field, join groups in your industry, and stay on top of new job opportunities.

How can I maintain my networking contacts?

You can do this through constant communication, reciprocity and maintaining genuine, long-term relationships.

How do I network at events and conferences?

Research the participants in advance, prepare a quick and effective presentation of yourself, and actively participate in the conversations.