How to find an investment property in Spain for sale

Whether you are an experienced international investor evaluating the idea of buying an investment property in Spain, or a local looking to invest in real estate, it is important to know that now is a good time to invest in Spain. According to recent data published by the Statistical Information Centre of the Notary in Spain, real estate transactions in Spain are at the highest level in the last decade.

It appears that Spain is recovering financially from the economic crisis that hit Spain and Europe in general. There is still a long road of recovery ahead, but it is important to note that things like real estate are recovering, and prices are quite good.

However, it is normal for doubts to arise when deciding on the destination or city where you can get the best return on your investment, and how to find an investment property for sale in Spain. That is why, at Orience we have answers to all those questions that investors ask themselves.


The keys to finding the best investment properties in Spain

Increasingly the real estate business in Spain is more and more active, since the economic crisis of 2008, prices are rising considerably in the market, which means that there are still very good deals for investors looking to settle down and renting is in a good position in Spain at the moment.

Due to the new real estate boom that Spain is experiencing, most real estate companies, whether national or international, are increasing the supply side of the market by offering properties for sale nationwide. Most companies are making use of quality online platforms where they offer investment properties in Spain for sale.

Spain tends to be an attractive country for the majority of foreign investors, which means that companies in the national real estate sector take advantage of this by offering good services to international investors, through services in English and other languages.

In order to make a decision as important as deciding where to invest in Spain, we recommend you to go to a local real estate company or agency in order to obtain an advisory or consultancy service. In addition to helping you decide through their property investment offers, they will also help you with the following steps.

To all of the above, if your intention is to generate a good passive rental income, you can consider any kind of medium-large sized city with good commercial activity and an active university life.

Which city is the most recommended for investing in Spain?

Investing in properties in Spain has yet another important factor to take into account, and that is the amount of important cities the country has, which turns it into a very diversified economy, where the option is not necessarily so obvious when it comes to buying real estate in Spain.

It is difficult to recommend the best city in which to invest in real estate in Spain, due to the number of major cities in the country, which makes it a very diversified economy, where the choice is not necessarily obvious when it comes to buying property in Spain. It will also depend a lot on the interests and tastes that the interested party may have.

However, the decision doesn’t have to be so complicated, as there are cities that are of huge and undeniable relevance in Spain. These cities are:

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Málaga
  • Valencia

These are four important touristic, economic and educational centers in the Mediterranean country, which count with many investors, businesses, highly qualified workforce and renting and prices are good, even for major cities in Spain and Europe.