International investment in real estate will increase; new opportunities for Golden Visa Spain

It is expected that the investment in real estate will increase when travel restrictions run out. Whereas States do not give a tourist visa, international investors cannot travel. However, with a residence visa like the Golden Visa it is possible to travel from your country to reside in Spain, Portugal or Greece, the most attractive places to reside and invest in Europe.

Specifically, in Spain there is a lot of interest from international investors to invest in the Spanish real estate market which is expected to be reactivated as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted globally. 

What’s more, even with the pandemic scenario, there is a huge interest to invest in Spain because of the quality of life offered by the country.  In fact, an uptick in the acquisition of Spanish homes is expected due to the interest of investors, who now make decisions especially thinking about all the advantages that are offered in a country as Spain such as reasonable prices, above-average business opportunities, security and the great weather.

Since 2013 until now, Spain issued more than 35.000 Golden Visa. Orience International helps you to obtain the Golden Visa Spain so you can invest in Spain for a minimum of 500.000 euros and reside there.

Spain, an attractive offer

Real estate investment rebounded 22% in the third quarter in Spain, reaching 1.439 million euros, compared to the figure registered between April and June, the worst period of the pandemic. The forecast is that 2020 will close with an investment of around 8 million euros which represents a 30% less than 2019, when 12.7800 million euros were reached.

However, even with this background, the pandemic is expected to provide new appeals, such as the advantages of teleworking. The opportunity of working in a place such as Spain, with an incredible weather and moderate prices, increase the interest of many international investors to obtain a residence in Spain.

Why investing in Spain?

As it has been said and according to a recent study, Spain is the best country to live after de coronavirus crisis. Moreover, the country is known for its fantastic weather, cosmopolitan cities like Madrid and Barcelona, beautiful landscapes and quality and family life.

What’s more, if you get the Golden Visa Spain there are a lot of advantages to enjoy:

  • Move around the Schengen Zone: one of the main benefits of the Golden Visa Spain is that you can travel and move around the Schengen area without the need of a visa.
  • Permit to work in Spain: the Spanish residence permit allows you to work in Spain.
  • Eligible for you and your family: your family (spouse and children under 18) also receive the visa residence permit.
  • Health system: the Spanish healthcare system is one of the most advanced in the world, ranking among the first positions in international rankings.

The Golden Visa Spain, foreign investment in real estate

Having an alternative residence or citizenship in another country is more important nowadays than ever. Having an alternative plan, it gives you more freedom to travel between European countries and it gives you economic, political and social independence from your country of origin.

As citizens of the world, we have to take into account the advantages of acquiring a residence in another country and seek professional advices to guide us and help us through the way to make the best decision.

If you want to obtain the Golden Visa Spain, Orience International recommends the best investment option for you and your family. Furthermore, we offer a virtual tour to see all the properties from your home.

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Source: Empresa Exterior