International Investment Law and Golden Visa

International mobility and global investment opportunities have led to the creation of specific programs and laws that facilitate the acquisition of residency or citizenship through investment. Orience has established itself as a leader in providing advice in these areas, particularly with Golden Visa programs. Throughout this article, we will explore these laws and how clients get guided toward accurate decisions.

What is the Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa represents a privileged gateway to many countries for investors willing to contribute economically to the nation in question. In exchange for certain investments, which can range from the acquisition of real estate, investments in strategic sectors, and job creation, among others, the investor obtains a residence permit which, in many cases, can be the first step towards citizenship.

This program has become especially attractive for those seeking greater international mobility, access to high-quality education and health services, or simply wishing to diversify their investments and assets globally. While the essence of the program is similar in different countries, the specific details and requirements can vary widely from nation to nation.

Countries that offer Golden Visa

The Golden Visa program has gained popularity in various parts of the world, especially in Europe. Some of the countries that stand out in this initiative include:

  • Spain: With a minimum investment in real estate of 500,000 euros, investors can access Spanish residency, with the eventual possibility of obtaining citizenship.
  • Portugal: This country offers residency to those who invest 500,000 euros in properties, or even less if the property is located in low-density population areas.
  • Malta: Through a combination of donations to the government, property investment, and the purchase of government bonds, investors can directly obtain Maltese citizenship.
  • Cyprus: With a 2 million euro investment in real estate, it is possible to obtain Cypriot citizenship in a matter of months.
  • Greece: With a minimum 250,000 euro investment in properties, Greece offers a residence permit that can lead to citizenship.

It is essential to mention that each program has its own advantages, requirements, and benefits, so the choice will depend on the individual goals of the investor.

Benefits of the Golden Visa

Opting for a Golden Visa program comes with a series of advantages that go beyond a simple investment:

  • Freedom of Movement: In many cases, especially in Europe, the Golden Visa allows for free travel within the Schengen Area, facilitating business activities and tourism.
  • Tax Planning: Establishing residency in certain countries can offer significant tax advantages for investors.
  • Education and Healthcare: Access to high-quality education systems and advanced healthcare services in the country of residence.
  • Diversification of Investments: It allows for global asset diversification, minimizing risks, and exploring new markets.
  • Opportunity for Citizenship: In many programs, after a specific period of residence and meeting certain requirements, investors can opt for citizenship in the country.

In conclusion, the Golden Visa is not just a visa; it is a tool for global investment and planning that offers numerous advantages for those with an international vision.

Legal Implications of International Investment

International investment, though promising, comes with a series of legal implications that every investor should consider. Orience, with its expertise in international mobility, highlights some key considerations:

  • Jurisdiction and Legislation: Each country has its own set of laws and regulations governing foreign investments. Understanding these laws is crucial to avoid any legal inconveniences.
  • Taxation: Tax laws vary greatly from one country to another. Some may offer tax incentives to attract investors, while others may have higher rates for capital gains or income generated internationally.
  • Property Regulations: In some countries, there are restrictions on land or asset ownership by foreigners. It is essential to be aware of these restrictions to avoid legal complications.
  • Repatriation of Profits: Some countries have strict controls on how and when profits can be sent back to the investor’s home country. It is vital to understand these rules and plan accordingly.

With the legal landscape constantly changing, having experts in the field ensures that the investment is conducted effectively and in compliance with the law.

How Can Orience Help You?

When it comes to international investment and obtaining a Golden Visa, the process can be complex and challenging. This is where Orience comes into play:

  • Expert Advice: Orience has a team of professionals specializing in international investment laws and Golden Visa programs. Their experience ensures that investors are well-informed and make appropriate decisions.
  • Legal Navigation: From selecting the right investment to meeting all legal requirements, Orience guides investors through each step of the process.
  • Tax Optimization: The Orience team can provide guidance on tax planning, ensuring that investors benefit from available tax advantages and minimize their obligations.
  • Strategic Connections: With an extensive network of connections in the real estate and financial world, Orience can connect investors with the best opportunities available in the market.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Even after the investment and obtaining the Golden Visa, Orience offers ongoing monitoring, ensuring that investors stay in compliance and maximize their benefits.

In summary, international investment and obtaining the Golden Visa are complex processes that require deep knowledge and expert guidance. Orience is the reliable partner that every investor needs to ensure success in their international ventures.


International investment laws and Golden Visa programs are powerful tools for global investors. Navigating these laws and regulations can be complex, but with the guidance and expertise of Orience, investors can make informed decisions and maximize the opportunities to the fullest.