Majority of Spain will get the coronavirus vaccine by next May

Good news arrives from Spain. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, and Health Minister, Salvador Illa have announced that the majority of the country will receive Pfizer vaccine by next May, ensuring that a very substantial part of the population can be vaccinated with all the guarantees in the first quarter of the year.

The process will start on January with 13.000 vaccination points and the first groups to be vaccinated will be medical professionals along with the chronically ill and high-risk individuals due to previous conditions. The Minister also underscored that the vaccine will be free of charge, distributed through the national healthcare system and will not be mandatory in any case. Spain, along with Germany, would be one of the first European countries to have a vaccination plan.

At the moment, and due to the pandemic crisis, Spain and all the countries are not given visa tourist temporarily. This means that international investor cannot travel to other countries. However, with the vaccination plans and schedule, things may change.

On the other hand, many scientists have agreed that next summer Spain will have group immunity; however, mask, distance and hands washing will last for a long time.