What is a digital nomad?

Working at an office and having a fixed work routine is no longer the only way to work. Digital telecommunications technology and the ease of travel has allowed people to work while traveling all over the world.  This has given rise to the term digital nomad.  A digital nomad is a person whose job allows them to work remotely, while traveling to different countries that combines highly skilled work with immersive tourism in the country of preference.  They have no permanent address and change their place of residence regularly.  A digital nomad is usually a freelancer who uses the digital telecommunications technology to perform jobs that require a specific skill set like for example digital marketing, graphic design, web development and programming.

How to become a digital nomad

To become a digital nomad, one must first find a job that allows one to work online and remotely.  Many companies today hire remote workers as it has many advantages for the company.  Digital nomads allow companies to save money, have access to talent worldwide, digital nomads stay with a company longer and because of their varied cultural experiences, digital nomads have developed soft skills that can benefit the company.

A digital nomad’s life is very flexible.  One can choose to work from home as long as there is electricity and a good internet connection.  Or one can work at a public place like a coffeeshop where one can work, eat and interact with other people.  Some countries also have shared work places called co-working spaces where for a small fee you can have your own work table and internet connection and be among other digital nomads.       

Where to work if I am a digital nomad

The choice of place to work from is very important.  It must, of course, have excellent internet connections and other modern technology needed to do your work.  A place that has a digital nomad community is important as you will have a built-in support group. The next step is to into account how you will set-up your finances like bank accounts and insurance.  One must also consider the taxation and compulsory taxes that you will have to pay while working in different countries.  Economic penalties could jeopardize the development and continuity of your self-employed activity.   Lastly, one has to apply for the necessary documents that will allow you to travel freely, stay in a country for a period of time and work remotely without any problems.