What is the US E2 VISA?

A national of a treaty country (a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation, or with which the United States maintains a qualified international agreement, or with which the United States has been determined to be a qualified country by legislation) may be admitted to the United States if he or she invests a significant amount of capital in a U.S. enterprise under the E2 nonimmigrant classification. This classification may also apply to certain workers of such a person or a qualifying organization.

The E2 Treaty Investor visa allows the investor to live and work in the United States in order to direct and develop the firm, as well as to bring in executives, managers, and employees with essential skills. In larger companies, management and senior level personnel may be sent to the United States rather than the company’s owners. Employees who are citizens of the same E2 visa country as the investor may be eligible for an E2 visa as well.

Who can apply to a E2 Visa

So long as the country in which the investor is a national has a treaty with the United States, the treaty investor and certain employees can operate legally in the United States for a U.S. business in which the investor has made a large monetary investment. The treaty investor or employee is limited to working for the company or self-owned business that acted as the E2 visa sponsor while in the United States.

If the business is controlled 50/50 by nationals of two different E2 qualified nations, nationals of both countries may be entitled to enter under the E2 visa scheme. As long as the business is conducted in the United States, the E2 visa can be extended indefinitely. Processing times are likely to be substantially longer than usual due to COVID-19-related delays around the world. If applicants are already in the United States and can apply for an E2 visa from within the country, premium processing is a considerably faster option.

You must be in the process of investing money when you file for E2 registration of a firm. You should establish that you have made a significant investment before applying, unless an escrow arrangement is possible. In some cases, an escrow arrangement is conceivable. If you’re buying an existing business, for example, funds could be held in escrow and only invested if you’re granted an E2 visa. You should have practical plans in place to start and fund your company.

Initial visas can last up to five years, with limitless renewals depending on your place of origin. The length of the visa is determined by the visa “reciprocity” agreement between the US and the foreign country, as well as the business’ viability. E visa holders, workers or family members, entering the United States are granted a two-year stay and may prolong their stay in the country.

An accompanying spouse and minor, unmarried children are eligible for a visa, and the spouse, but not the children, may work in the United States.

Requirements to obtain a E2 Visa

There are several requirements for attaining an E2 visa. The applicant must be a citizen of a nation with whom the US has a relevant treaty; the applicant must be coming to work in the United States for a company that he or she owns or that is at least 50% owned by other nationals from the applicant’s home country; the applicant must be the owner of the U.S. company or a key employee. In addition, the applicant or company must have made a significant investment in the US market. There is no legal minimum, but the applicant or firm must be risking capital or assets in order to make a profit, and the amount must be significant in relation to the sort of business. The American corporation must be actively engaged in commercial activities and comply with all legal requirements for doing business in its state or region. The qualifying E2 visa firm should, in most cases, eventually produce jobs for US nationals and residents.

Although the applicant is not obliged to keep a foreign residence overseas, he or she must intend to leave the United States once his or her business in the United States is concluded. The applicant will almost certainly be required to present proof of future plans to depart the United States to the US consulate.

The E2 visa scheme is open to citizens of various countries. Unfortunately, citizens of India and China are not eligible for the E2 visa system unless they are married to an E2 visa holder or have another citizenship. Some Indians are seeking Grenada citizenship quickly in order to be eligible for the E2 Treaty Investor visa system. Even if you have to apply for another citizenship first under a Citizenship investment scheme, this is likely to be a less expensive and faster option than the EB5 immigrant investor program, which has increased in cost significantly since November 21, 2019, and now requires a minimum investment of $900,000.

How to obtain an E2 Visa through citizenship in Grenada

Grenada provides anyone who can invest or donate money to the government a fast track to citizenship. Grenada boasts one of the world’s fastest and most affordable Citizenship by Investment Programs, with prices starting at just US$150,000 and a processing time of three months or less. Grenada citizens can work in the United States if they have a valid visa that allows them to work or start a business in the country. Grenada is one of 81 nations holding a bilateral pact with the United States for the E2 investment visa.

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