All about the new law on digital nomads Spain

The new Startup Law has as its mandate the creation and development of new technology-based and innovative companies in Spain.  The Startup Law or law on digital nomads Spain seeks to attract international talent, encourage the creation of fast-growing technology companies, promote investment in Research and Development and Innovation, facilitate investment in local and foreign startups, turn Spain into the entrepreneurial center of Europe, and facilitate the path to residency for foreigners who telecommute or offer services to international clients.

The Spanish government hopes to create this thriving business ecosystem through a series of tax incentives, favorable regulations, removable of bureaucratic red tape and flexibility in many procedures.

Of great interest is the new residence permit for digital nomads and foreigners who work remotely in the country to be called the visa for teleworkers of international character. This visa will be granted to workers and professionals who carry out work for companies located outside Spain by means of the exclusive use of computer, telematic and telecommunication means and systems.  The visa for digital nomads and for foreigners who work in a foreign company in Spain is envisioned to be a residence permit that is valid for one year with the possibility of renewing for two more years and so on for as long as the requirements continue to be met.

The requirements for the visa for teleworkers of international character are the existence of a real company that has had continuous activity for at least one year where the teleworker has employment or professional relationship; documentation accrediting that the labor or professional relationship can be carried out remotely; documentation that the teleworker has been employed or had a professional relationship with the company for at least three months.

Presently, digital nomads can apply for a non-lucrative visa that allows them to live but not to work in Spain.  Applicants will have to prove they can support themselves and their families financially while living in Spain and that they have no criminal record.  The non-lucrative visa is valid for only three months and fifteen days after which the holder will need to apply for the non-lucrative residence permit which is valid for two years.  The permit can be renewed for another five years as long as the holder has stayed in Spain for at least six months in a calendar year.  After five years the holder can apply for a permanent residence permit.