powerful passports

The most powerful passports

How can we know the power of a passport? Companies that provide immigration services to individuals who wish to have […]

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golden visa portugal

Portugal Golden Visa program increased x4 its applications in the last two years

Great news for the Portuguese economy: Since its Residency by Investment program started a decade ago, the Golden Visa Portugal […]

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Investment immigration

Investment immigration trends

The outlook is very good for investment immigration which is predicted to boom in 2022. Unprecedented events in recent years […]

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Do you want to emigrate to Europe, but continue working in the company of your country of origin?

The new phenomena that the digital age and the ease of travel has created is the digital nomad.  These types […]

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The biometric passport: how does it work?

The biometric passport, also called electronic passport or ePassport or digital passport, is an identity document that includes a polycarbonate […]

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Demand for seeking residence abroad increases after coronavirus

The global pandemic has brought the whole world to a standstill. It has changed many of our human activities particularly […]

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Spain, the 4th most powerful passport in the world

The Passport Index is a world ranking that analyzes the most powerful passports in the world, that means, the passports […]

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The Spanish health system

With the coronavirus crisis, the Spanish health system and the others from the rest of the countries are on everyone’s […]

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O. Molas: “Coronavirus shows us the need to have a plan B”

Empresa Exterior, an online journal about Spain’s foreign business, has interviewed our CEO, Oriol Molas, with the aim of knowing […]

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