The most attractive benefits of a Golden Visa scheme

Since it had a place in the world, the Golden Visa scheme has been beneficial for both the individual and the countries that offer the residency programs. However, countries need to make the schemes very attractive for high-net-worth individuals who will invest a substantial amount of money into their economies. Investors may also bring businesses into the country that can create new job positions and more work opportunities.

Why are the Golden Visa Programs so attractive for investors?


  1. The residency permit requires a huge investment in property and therefore the right to own a house is a right gained through investment. The property must guarantee a high investment return and real estate is often considered a wise investment in the long term.
  2. There are no trade restrictions imposed upon the investor and businessman and that trade or business is supported and promoted by the country. It is for the country’s benefit that the investor prospers, since it also means more revenue for the government through tax returns.
  3. The fast processing of documents: The sooner the documents are processed, the sooner investors can invest the money.
  4. The freedom of movement from a country to another: for business, better health system, schooling or higher education, political situation. Golden Visa programs offer visa-free travel to all Schengen countries and some EU countries.
  5. Family is very important: the Golden Visa program allows the holder to bring over immediate family members.
  6. The holder of a golden visa and family members will experience higher standards of living and greater opportunities in education, excellent healthcare services and more employment opportunities.
  7. The Golden Visa program allows the investor to diversify his portfolio and at the same time reduce risks. The investor is also guaranteed increased investment opportunities. With the Golden Visa program, physical and financial safety are assured. Your capital is secure and you will have many investment opportunities in a financially sound environment. Europe has remained a safe place for investors with its very clear ownership laws, stable low inflation currency, as well as well-defined taxation rules.
  8. Golden Visa programs allow the holder to strategically plan their taxes and may provide the investors with tax benefits and optimization.
  9. Many of the countries that have a Golden Visa scheme are also popular destinations that offer rich experiences whether it be shopping, cultural and historical, sports and nature, large leisure offer, etc.