5 FAQ’s about the Golden Visa Greece

Greece offers the Golden Visa program to international investors in exchange for an investment in the greek market.

We cannot deny that Greece is, in addition to a country with historical legacy and beautiful beaches, a nation with enormous potential. The economic recovery, coupled with low prices with growth potential, make the hellenic country a very attractive option to invest.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Golden Visa:

1- What is the initial investment to get the Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa Greece program was launched in 2013 and requires an initial investment of 250,000 €. This is the second cheapest program in Europe and the fifth in the world.

2- In addition to the monetary investment, what other documents should I submit?

It is necessary to present a medical certificate and prove that there is no criminal record.

3- How long is the residence permit?

The Golden Visa Greece has a duration of five years and is being renewed every half decade. Likewise, family international investor, such as the couple and children under 21, will also get a visa.

The Golden Visa Greece will give you the chance to live in one of these exceptional islands, while still having the opportunity to make profit from your real estate purchase.

4- How long should I be in Greece?

There is no rule that establishes the period of time spent in the country, that is, no minimum is required to get the Golden Visa Greece. In addition, it is not necessary to be in Greece to renew the visa every five years.

5- Do I have freedom of movement in Europe?

Yes. With the Golden Visa Greece you have freedom of movement throughout the Schengen area and the European Union.

6- Benefits:

Visa-holders will be eligible to live, work and study in Greece, with access to free healthcare and the prestigious educational system of the country.

At Orience International we have an office and a team in Athens that can help you through the entire investment process and will accompany you so that you and your family have the visa.

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