Way of life

passport diversification.

Why settle for one when you can have two: passport diversification.

Investors now use the power of investment programs to access their two or three legal residencies or citizenships in more […]

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expand financial options

Expand your financial and lifestyle options

Many European countries are offering attractive investment options to individuals who would like to expand their financial options and improve […]

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mobility solutions

What mobility solutions does Europe offer?

The wealthy elite of the world have a lifestyle that must include global mobility solutions, financial freedom, contingency planning, a […]

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best countries for teleworking

Which are the best countries for teleworking?

Many countries in Europe have adapted to the change limited mobility has brough about due to the pandemic and in […]

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digital nomad

What is a digital nomad?

Working at an office and having a fixed work routine is no longer the only way to work. Digital telecommunications […]

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exchange the driving license

How to exchange the driving license being a foreigner in Spain

If you are a foreigner living in Spain and know how to drive, you would most likely want to drive […]

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live in barcelona

Guide to live in Barcelona

Is it your dream to live near the sea, or to have the best Spanish tourist attractions and historical monuments […]

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tenants do not pay the rent

My tenants do not pay the rent, what can I do?

To have a property in profitability entails a series of managements that it is always advisable to delegate to professionals […]

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relocation service

What is the relocation service for the workers of a company?

According to a 2021 study by the International Labor Organization (ILO) there are 169 million migrant workers in the world […]

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report a claim to my insurance company

How do I report a claim to my insurance company?

There is always the possibility of accidents in our homes.  Therefore, home insurance is essential especially if the homeowner does […]

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