residence permit for research

Learn about the residence permit for research in Spain

There are occasions when foreign researchers are required to carry out research and development work in a company, institution or […]

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nacionalidad española

Obtain Spanish nationality with the Democratic Memory Law

On October 21, 2022, the so-called Law 20/2022, of October 19, has entered into force. According to the preamble of […]

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law on startups

News regarding the law on startups in law 14/2013, of September 27, 2013, to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization.

In the near future, the Spanish Parliament will approve the expected “Startups Law”. The aforementioned Law aims to “attract talent […]

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law on digital nomads Spain

All about the new law on digital nomads Spain

The new Startup Law has as its mandate the creation and development of new technology-based and innovative companies in Spain.  […]

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exchange the driving license

How to exchange the driving license being a foreigner in Spain

If you are a foreigner living in Spain and know how to drive, you would most likely want to drive […]

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live in malaga

Guide to live in Malaga

Quality of life, an enviable climate, a great historical legacy and an unstoppable projection are just some of the reasons […]

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live in barcelona

Guide to live in Barcelona

Is it your dream to live near the sea, or to have the best Spanish tourist attractions and historical monuments […]

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education system in Spain

How does the education system work in Spain?

The national government as well as the local governments of Spain fund the Spanish education system in Spain. Primary and […]

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best universities in Spain

What are the best universities in Spain?

Spain offers a varied selection of universities spread throughout the country and all of them are well known in Europe […]

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be a digital nomad

Be a digital nomad in Spain or Portugal

Companies began using remote work alternatives for workers during the COVID-19 epidemic. As a result, those who work from home […]

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