Bank deposits increase to get the Spanish residence

According to recent data, the demand to open a bank deposit as a route to get the Spanish Golden Visa, has increased during last months. As the statistics show, due to the travel restrictions imposed by the coronavirus crisis (countries are not given visa tourist temporally) many international investors are applying for the residence visa without leaving their country of origin. 

 This route offers the possibility to get the Spanish residence valid for one year (and renewable for two years) by depositing 1.000.000 in a Spanish bank accountOnce the visa has been issued, you can travel and enter to Spain without restrictions as a resident. Moreover, you can invest on real estate market by reinvesting the bank deposit in the purchase of a property.  

 As we have said before, one of the main characteristics of this option, is that you can get the Spanish residence visa without leaving your country of origin. You only need to empower Orience International who will open the bank account on your name. Moreover, it is also possible to submit the request for your family members: spouse and children under 18 economically dependent.  

 Acquisition process 

Once you have done the bank deposit, the bank is going to check and verify all the information and documentation. Once all this process has finished, you can apply for the Spanish residence, which it will take around two or three weeks. Then you will be able to travel to Spain and visit al the properties to invest on real estate 

 It is a very quick, simple and agile process and safe and secure bank operation. We stand by your side during al the procedure, supervising and checking all the steps until you get the Spanish residence permit.  

 Why should you invest in Spain? 

According to a recent study, Spain is ranked as one of the best countries to live after the coronavirus crisis. The country stands out for its quality and family life, good prices and political and economic stability, which make the country one of the best options to live and invest right now. 

 These are other advantages of the Spanish residence visa:  

Move around the Schengen Zone 

One of the main benefits of the Spanish Golden Visa it is that you can travel and move around the Schengen area without the need of a visa 

 Good quality life for you and your family 

As we have said before, Spain offers an excellent quality life: cheap living costs (Spain is below average in comparison with other European countries), good balanced job-life, mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful and cosmopolitan cities and stunning landscapes. Spain has everything you need to start a new life.

 Permit to work in Spain 

The residence permit allows you to work in Spain. So, if you plan to look for a job in the country, we recommend you research the job market before moving to the country.    

Permission for you and your family 

Your family (spouse and children under 18) also receive the visa residence permit. Spain offers a great educational system, with prestigious collages and well-known and reputed universities for your children.  

 If you are interest on the bank deposit, do not hesitate to contact us. Now it is a great moment to carry on the bank deposit option. Our team will help you and stand by your side during all the process.  

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