Current Trends in Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment has always been an integral part of any diversified portfolio. But as in many other fields, the real estate market is not static. It changes and evolves, and you need to be aware of the latest trends to maximize your return on investment. In this article, we will explore the current trends in real estate investment and how can help you take advantage of these opportunities.

Sustainable and Green Investments

Green Buildings & LEED Certification

The demand for green buildings is growing. Orience will guide you in selecting properties that meet sustainability standards and help you obtain LEED certification.

Renewable Energy

Investments in renewable energy properties can offer tax incentives and increase the value of the property. Orience can advise you in this emerging area.

Technology in the Real Estate Sector


Technology is transforming real estate investment. From property management to online purchasing, Orience remains at the forefront of technological innovations.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

AI and Big Data are revolutionizing decision-making in the real estate sector. Orience uses these tools to provide accurate and personalized analysis.

Emerging Markets and International Opportunities

Developing Markets

Orience has a deep understanding of emerging markets, identifying opportunities that could offer high returns.

International Investment

Geographical diversification is key in real estate investment. Orience can help you navigate international markets with confidence and success.

Coworking Spaces and Flexible Office Space

Co-Working Spaces

The rise of coworking has transformed the demand for office space. Orience can advise you on investing in this type of profitable property.

Flexible Offices

Flexibility in office space is a growing trend. Orience understands this market and can help you invest in it effectively.

Short Term Rental Housing Investments

Tourist Accommodation

Investing in short-term rental properties can be lucrative. Orience will guide you through selection, management and legal compliance.


Current trends in real estate investment are shaping a new landscape full of opportunities and challenges. From sustainability to technology to geographic diversification, Orience is your trusted ally in navigating these trends and making the most of them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Current Trends in Real Estate Investment

What are sustainable real estate investments?

Sustainable real estate investments refer to investing in properties that meet certain sustainability and energy efficiency standards. They can include the use of renewable energy, LEED certification, and other methods to reduce environmental impact.

How is technology impacting the real estate sector?

Technology is transforming the real estate sector through automation, artificial intelligence, and the use of Big Data. These innovations help in property management, investment analysis, and personalization of the customer experience.

What are coworking spaces and how are they influencing the real estate market?

Coworking spaces are shared offices where different professionals and companies can work together in a collaborative environment. This trend is changing the demand for office space, creating investment opportunities in properties adapted to this new working model.

Is it profitable to invest in emerging real estate markets?

Emerging markets can offer investment opportunities with high growth potential. However, they can also present additional risks. Guidance from an expert such as Orience can help you evaluate and take advantage of these opportunities.

What are the implications of investing in short-term rental housing?

Investing in short-term rental housing, such as tourist accommodation, can be lucrative. However, it requires careful management and compliance with specific regulations. Orience can offer expert advice in this area.

How can I keep up to date with current trends in property investment?

Keeping up to date with the latest trends requires ongoing research and collaboration with industry professionals. Orience, with its experience and expertise in real estate investment, can be your strategic partner in this journey.