Cyprus suspends the Golden Visa programme

Cyprus’s government has announced the suspension of its Golden Visa programme, which will be put on an end on November 1 indefinitely. This decision comes after an investigation report by Al Jazeera ‘The Cyprus Papers’, which demonstrate that many politicians gave the visa residence to non-EU citizens with criminal record 

 According to this report, thirty persons who benefit from the Golden were accused of illegal action, whereas 40 of them are politically exposed. Other people who bought the Golden Visa programme are involved in money laundering, corruption and other criminal activities.  

 For its part, on April last year, members of the European Union criticized Cyprus, but also Bulgaria and Malta for its investment programmes and urged their abolition. 

 However, business leaders in Cyprus have asked the Greek cabinet to reinstate the Golden Visa programme in order to maintain the island’s economy. 

 The Greek Golden Visa programme was launched in 2013 and during all this period has raised €7.000 million.    

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