Dominica builds new infrastructures through citizenship by investment funds

Dominica is a beautiful island, known as ‘The nature island of the Caribbean’ for its green forests which stretch from shore to shore. Introduced in 1993, the Dominican citizenship by investment programme offers many advantages and it is one of the most famous Caribbean citizenship by investment in the world.

Now, and thanks to the citizenship by investment funds, the Dominican government is building around 5.000 new hurricanes-proof homes, 14 polyclinics, new hospitals and many other community facilities, to face up the hurricane damages from 2017.

By contributing to the Economic Diversification Fund under Dominica’s citizenship by investment Programme, international investors get the country citizenship and they indirectly collaborate to make a better country. Dominica is well known for using funds from CBI Programme to make visible investments.

How to get the Dominican citizenship by investment?

There are different options to get the Dominican citizenship:

  • Donation (single applicant) to the Economic Diversification Fund. The donation amount may vary according to the number of dependents included.
  • Investment in real estate in a government approved project

Main benefits of the programme

Get the second passport in only 3 months, allowing visa-free travel to 139 countries.

  • Visa-free travel to 139 countries: Access to 139 countries including the UK, Singapore and the European Schengen countries.
  • Entire family is eligible for the programme: Citizenship passport for the main investor, spouse, children and parents.
  • Good tax regime: No personal income tax and corporate tax incentives
  • Presence: No physical residency required

Orience by your side

If you are interested in the Dominican citizenship programme do not hesitate to ask us. We also offer other Caribbean citizenship programmes that you may be interested on. Contact us.

Source: Prnewswire