Dominica has the world’s best citizenship by investment programme

According to the CBI Index, a rating system designed to measure the performance and appeal of global by investment (CBI) programmes across a diverse range of indicators and published by the Financial Times, Dominica citizenship by investment it is the first choice for investment applicants. For the fourth consecutive year, Dominica has ranked on the first position in the index.

Dominica offers one of the most prestigious programmes all over the world. With an easy, efficient and quick process, international investors can get the second passport in only three months. Moreover, this permit allows visa-free travel to 139 countries.

Another great strength of the Dominica’s citizenship by investment programme is that it is eligible for the entire family. This means that not only the main applicant, but also spouse, children and parents can benefit from all the advantages.

Additionally, it offers a good tax regime and there is no physical residence required.

What you need to know about Dominica?

Dominica, officially the Commonweatlh of Dominica, is a beautiful island, kwon as ‘the nature island of the Caribbean’ for its green forests which stretch from shore to shore. Introduced in 1993, this citizenship by investment programme offers many advantages and it is a very attractive option for those who are looking for a second passport.

Investment options to get the Dominica citizenship by investment permit

To get the Dominican citizenship the are two different options. The first one, is a donation to the Economic Diversification Fund, which funds are used for public and private projects, where a need is identified, such as the building of schools, hospitals or other infrastructures.  The amount of money it varies depending on the number of dependents included. A single applicant has to pay US$ 100.000. An applicant and spouse, US$ 175.000, and an applicant, spouse and two children US$ 200.000. The second option is a US$ 200.000 investment in real estate in a government approved project.

It is important to highlight that, as same as in other citizenship by investment programmes, the main applicants and their dependents must have a clean criminal background.

Once you have decided which investment option you prefer, our team will help you in all the acquisition process. We prepare all the necessary documentation and help you to fulfill it. Then, we review all the information and present it to the competent authority. Once the government has reviewed, checked and approved all the information you receive a pre-approval.

Why it is important to have a plan B or a second passport?

Our specialists agree that having a second passport it is a very good idea, not only during crisis situations. Having a plan B gives you, and your family, the assurance that you are on a more stable stage and gives you political, economic and social independence from your country of origin. Moreover, it gives you, and the rest of applicants, more freedom to travel between different countries in the world.

If you are interested on the Dominican citizenship by investment programme or any other Caribbean programme, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will guide you to choose the permit that best suits on your needs. Moreover, remember that you can apply for any programme without leaving your country.