Dubai Golden Visa, UAE Expands 10-year Residency Programme

The capital of the UAE is home to ever-growing technology that delivers efficiency and security to help enterprises evolve. The launch of the Dubai Golden Visa was to attract international investment to enhance the local economy. This permit offers residency to applicants and their families that invest a minimum of AED1,000,000 in real estate, ideal to pursue the dream of becoming part of Dubai’s ecosystem for accelerated business growth. In addition, the Dubai Golden Visa has been updated, whereas not only will the residency permit allow entrepreneurs to stay in the capital for opportunities that will benefit both their families and their business, but now the new categories of the visa include residency in the Gulf state to Ph.D. holders, doctors, engineers in different fields of engineering and technology, as well as to remarkable graduates from accredited universities.

To ensure that the applicants are qualified to apply for the golden visa, they should demonstrate their career in business and meet all the needed requirements; for professionals, they have to be Ph.D. holders, doctors, engineers in the fields of computer engineering, electronics, programming, electricity, and biotechnology or in artificial intelligence, big data, or epidemiology and viruses; for the graduates of accredited universities, they should possess a GPA of 3.8 or higher; furthermore, outstanding high school students and their families can become potential recipients in the new update of the Dubai Golden Visa.

For investment applicants, a minimum of AED 1 million in real estate, whereas instead of a two-year validity before renewal, the visa has been extended up to ten years. In addition, the spouse, parents, and children of the applicant can become beneficiaries of the permit as well. Therefore, the visa will grant permanent residency (upon the ten-year extension) to applicants and family members to reside in the UAE with the opportunity to experience the high standards of living in the city of Dubai.

Dubai Golden Visa, acquisition process:

The Dubai Golden Visa takes approximately a month to process the approval of your nomination, and an additional thirty days to complete the requirements from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. From the same site, you will find the required documents that are needed along with the associated fees required for the application. To assist you with this process, Orience possesses experts who can help you choose the best option and guide you through your ideal path. Upon receiving your citizenship, the permit will allow you to travel to 121 countries without the need of acquiring an additional visa. With the permit, you will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful and historical temples in Indonesia, explore the crystallines waters with different shades of blue in the Maldives, and have a taste from the oldest wine-producing country in the world, Armenia.

According to International Investment, the extension of the golden residency will help accelerate Dubai’s economic growth and productivity, as the flexibility of the visa will benefit certain types of investors, exemplary students, and professionals by increasing to the 10-year residency. Therefore, foreigners that are part of the country’s growing economy through excellence and innovation will no longer have to renew the validity of their visas every two years. This update on the Dubai Golden Visa will raise the city’s value, as they are welcoming experts and highly skilled professionals to enhance their skills and business. This innovative upgrade in the Dubai Golden Visa will be of advantage for both the city and the international applicants for the visa, for they are no longer depending solely on wealthy investors; instead, the permit will allow strategic professionals and future experts to reside and become part of the progressive city.

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