European residency by investment, enjoy the best autumn plans on the continent

Autumn is unquestionably the best time to travel across Europe. The biggest European destinations have recently completed their peak season, and normal life returns to the streets of Europe’s most attractive cities. Fall is a fantastic time to meet new people and venture off the usual path. Autumn is the best time to discover Europe with the European residency by investment

Off-season, you’ll find the finest accommodations at the cheapest prices, fewer crowds for your favorite European activities, more seating in restaurants, and less people in your photographs. In a nutshell, fall is undoubtedly the greatest season for exploring Europe.

Travel easily through Europe with the European residency by investment

The Golden Visa is an investment scheme that allows you to live in a certain nation in exchange for a capital investment. Orience can help you get a Golden Visa in Spain, Portugal, Greece, and other nations in Europe for your autumn sojourn. You will have a residence permit without having to stay in the country of your choice, and you will enjoy several benefits like unrestricted travel throughout the Schengen region, reunite with your family, a high quality of life, and access to high-quality educational and health systems.

Things to do in Europe this Fall

Visit Portugal

With its quaint artisan markets, beautiful vineyards, and magnificent scenery, autumn is a perfect time to visit Portugal’s world-class wine regions. Portugal has fine winemaking traditions dating back to Roman times and a multitude of wine areas, including the UNESCO-protected Douro Valley and Pico Island.

For an autumn city vacation, be bewitched by Portugal’s capital Lisbon, which is popular with tourists from all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of people visit it each summer. Enjoy the wonders of Lisbon outside of the tourist season and appreciate the fact that there are less people, which means there are fewer lines. Use your extra time to see the sights around Lisbon, such as the castle of Sintra or the quaint Alentejo region, with its rolling vineyards and postcard-perfect towns where narrow cobblestone streets wind through beautifully preserved whitewashed houses.

Pretty cities, historic villages, and charming hills studded with grand estates await you in the scenic Minho area, all coupled with refreshing glasses of Vinho Verde, a delicious, light Portuguese wine that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

You can also visit the paradise island of Madeira, with its incredible wine varieties and numerous autumn festivals, and the world-renowned Port Wine Trail, which runs from the charming, culture-filled city of Porto all the way to the dramatic landscapes of the Douro Valley.

Porto is a beautiful city to visit at any time of the year. Autumn has enough sunshine to brighten the colorful buildings of Ribeira and warm the Porto wine barrels that sleep in Vila Nova de Gaia’s basements.

Visit Spain

Fresh harvests, food truck festivals, and exciting football matches at Camp Nou characterize autumn in Barcelona. You can admire Gaudi’s architecture and treasures such as Park Güell, Sagrada Familia, and the Montserra Royal Basilica. With its Mediterranean sunlight and exuberance, it’s a great place to visit in the autumn to engage in some retail therapy, or mingle with the locals over arty tapas and cava de house.

Visit Barcelona in September if you want to extend the summer a little longer. The beaches will have cleared out and the sea will still be warm enough to swim in. Aside from that, November is known for La Castanyada, a famous local festival marked by a variety of public activities and street vendors selling roasted chestnuts.

Visit Deutschland

Oktoberfest is nowhere as huge, bold, or expertly planned as in Munich, where it all began. As the world’s largest and most renowned beer festival, it has become an annual event all across the world. It also offers a great opportunity to learn about Bavarian customs and traditions while immersed in the local culture.

Visit Hungary

During the autumn, the beautiful Budapest has a lot to offer tourists, from comfortable temperatures and cozy cafés to world-class museums and fantastic events. The city’s cultural calendar is busier than ever, with a diverse range of dance, music, theater, and culinary festivals honoring the country’s culture, history, and skills.

The Café Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival, the Budapest International Wine Festival, and the New Wine and Cheese Festival are among the most important fall events in Budapest. The New Wine and Cheese Festival is an excellent opportunity to pair Hungary’s best homemade cheeses with the most refined new wines in a fairytale-like setting – the utterly romantic Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park.

You can climb Budapest’s hills to see the Danube, the Parliament, and the warm colors of the trees in the landscape, which will make you feel alone in one of Europe’s most charming cities. You can also go on a sightseeing cruise or get the Budapest card, which gives you access to dozens of activities in Hungary’s capital. In the autumn, the Central Market Hall, the Budapest Opera House, and Castle Hill are all quieter.

Visit Croatia

Croatia’s cities will give you a run for your money. If you’ve fallen in love with the majestic Christmas celebrations in Zagreb, of sunsets in Zadar, of the romantic atmosphere in Nin, of Dubrovnik which was the shooting location of King’s Landing in HBO’s Game of Thrones, you’ll also like Pula, which is rich in history and boasts one of Europe’s best surviving Roman amphitheaters. Pula is also an ideal vacation spot for individuals who enjoy sun, sea, and relaxation.

Visit Norway

The Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway are one of the greatest spots on the planet to see the Northern Lights. Between late fall and early spring, the lights are at their most spectacular. Furthermore, the indigenous Sami people, some genuinely amazing landscapes, and Troms – one of Norway’s most picturesque, dynamic, and smart small cities are all found in this untamed, yet incredibly beautiful region of the nation.

If you want to live a magical autumn in Europe do not hesitate, apply to the European residence by investment. Contact us.