Get the Greek Golden Visa after Brexit

Brexit has convinced many UK residents to plan and move to a European country that offers a residency permit and later, citizenship. One of the best options for British citizens is to obtain EU citizenship by investing in Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, or Spain, for their quick processes and without the need to reside in the country prior; in a period of two months, British nationals can become EU citizens by residency permit. Among all the options available, the most affordable choice is investing €250,000 toward Greek Golden Visa or residency, followed by €300,000 in Cyprus and €350,000 in Portugal. If the UK residents are planning to switch to an EU citizenship the quickest way, Maltese citizenship can be acquired in just one year, after investing a minimum of €800,000.

For UK citizens to obtain the Greece Golden Visa, they will have to first apply for residence status and obtain the new biometric residence card before the June 30, 2021 deadline. The card is similar to the residence cards that are issued to other non-EU nationals living in the EU and will grant the holder the rights defined in the Withdrawal Agreement, wherein the cardholder and family members will be exempted from ETIAS and visa requirements when moving to Greece. Once you have obtained your new residence card, you will have to request documents in the Aliens Department located in the area you will be going to reside. Afterward, you will be eligible to apply for the Greece Golden Visa.

This Greek residency permit allows you to grow a business by investing in real estate while having the opportunity to benefit from the various advantages from living in Greece. The applicant and family members will have access to free healthcare and the prestigious educational system of the country, as well as having the opportunity to travel to different countries in the Schengen Area. Furthermore, the holders of the Greece Golden Visa will be able to choose from undervalued real estate among several potential neighborhoods of the country as a business opportunity. Many investors choose the Mediterranean country as their choice for short-term rent (Airbnb). Some of the best neighborhoods to buy real estate in the country for a reasonable price are in Kerameikos, Psirri, Exarcheia, and Kypseli, for their easy access to public transportation and its proximity to the famous Acropolis.

The unique architecture within its 2,000 islands, where famous historical locations, art, and gorgeous metropolises attract tourists from around the globe, is the reason it is strategic for international entrepreneurs to live and invest in the country. In fact, Greece has been labeled the new hot investment destination for its price drop, offering plenty of top quality real estate in the market at an affordable price. The investment options for the Greece Golden Visa are:

  • Purchasing real estate of €250,000 to be held for the duration of residence and for a minimum period of 5 years.
  • Lease real estate or a timeshare of €250,000 to be held for the duration of residence and for a minimum of 5 years.

After choosing the location of your new acquisition, Orience International professionals will help you choose the best investment route based on your preferences. Later on, the applicant will proceed to submit all the legal documents as well as the residence application. After your residence application has been examined and approved, you will be issued with a residence permit. This visa is the most affordable and fastest in Europe – in just 60 days you can obtain your EU residence. In the case of Greece, it is required to reside for 5 years in the country before you can apply for citizenship.

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