How to obtain an E2 Visa through Citizenship in Grenada

Grenada is a peaceful country with the lowest crime rate in the area, with English as its official language. Its government is based on the Westminster system, and it is a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), with an annual growth rate of 3 to 5%. It is also is home to St. George’s University, which has over 8000 students and prepares aspiring students to be physicians in the United States, thanks to the college’s links to the American medical system and institutions where they train. One of the main benefits of citizenship in Grenada is the possibility of obtaining an E2 Visa to live in the United States.

What is citizenship in Grenada

Grenada’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program is one of the newest opportunities for investors. This program grants investors second citizenship and a passport, allowing them to travel visa-free to over 153 countries, including the United Kingdom, EU Schengen nations, and China. Grenada’s nationals can also apply for an E2 treaty investor visa in the United States.

First introduced in 2013, Grenada‘s citizenship by investment program provides low-cost admissions for a second passport. Grenada is the only Caribbean country that is not restricted from participating in the program. All applications are welcome, but before approving any application for citizenship, the country conducts due diligence on all applicants and their source of funding, which is critical to the country’s passport’s integrity and the ability of Grenadians to travel internationally.

Applicants must have a good reputation, be in excellent health, have a high net worth, and have no criminal history. In addition, there are fees and taxes to pay. There is no need to travel to Grenada for an interview for the Grenada citizenship program, and there is no need to complete the application in the nation.

What is the E-2 Visa? How can you get it?

An E-2 Investor Visa is a non-immigrant visa intended for foreign entrepreneurs from nations with which the United States has signed a Treaty of Trade and Commerce. The E-2 Investor Visa allows international investors to enter, stay, travel, and work in the United States. These liberties are in exchange for a significant investment in a company that the investor would own and manage. The E-2 investor visa can be renewed forever as long as the visa’s conditions are met. In addition, E-2 investor visas are available to the primary applicant’s dependent family members.

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment is the only Caribbean CBI program that allows people to apply for an E-2 Investor Visa in the United States

Grenada’s investment pact with the United States is the country’s CBI program’s most attractive characteristic. Many nations, notably China and India, lack an E-2 treaty with the United States. In such cases, investors might first get Grenada citizenship before applying for a USA E2 Visa.

High-net-worth investors from all over the world want the E-2 Visa, which permits them to live and work in the United States of America (USA). For foreign nationals and their families, the United States of America offers several perks, possibilities, and advantages. Professionals seeking better commercial prospects or individuals seeking personal reasons such as having access to great schools for their children or being a part of a nation rich in diversity and culture might take advantage of the perks.

The US E-2 investor visa is an appealing choice for the business-minded, since it allows an investor to create a new firm or purchase an existing one within the country. The investor will have complete authority over the firm and will be awarded permanent residency in the United States, as well as unlimited inbound and outgoing travel. This will help to secure the business’s success without requiring further entrance or departure licenses from the United States.

For those who are able to obtain it, the E-2 investor visa has the potential to be a great investment. The Grenada Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program is one of the most straightforward methods to get an E-2 business visa.

As a result, foreign individuals who have obtained second citizenship through the Grenada CBI program will be eligible for the highly sought-after E-2 visa. Individuals will be well on their way to gaining Grenadian citizenship in 4 to 6 months, with an instant gateway to applying for the US E-2 investor visa, thanks to a cost-effective, rapid, and simple application procedure.

Applications for E-2 visas are handled by the US Consulate in Barbados. Applicants must be prepared to lead and grow their enterprises in the United States. E-2 work visas are typically given for five years and are renewed forever as long as the company continues to operate. It is not, however, as simple as it may look. The applicant must demonstrate a connection to Grenada, which means they must have been physically present and established a home address there.

Requirements for citizenship in Grenada

A single applicant can obtain a Grenada passport for as little as $150,000. A family of four would put down $200,000 for a home. Each additional member of the family would cost $25,000. These funds are non-refundable and go to the Grenada National Transformational Fund. Expenses include a due diligence charge of $5,000 US for each individual above the age of 17 and processing fees of $ 500 US per person for those under the age of 17.

A real estate investment option is another method to obtain citizenship. This would require a $220,000 investment. The fees are the same in this scenario, but there is a $50,000 fee for a family of four and an extra $25,000 fee for each person beyond that. If a sibling applicant is involved in any scenario, an extra cost of $75,000 per person is levied for such candidates.

When you add up the expenses and criteria of obtaining Grenada citizenship and obtaining a U.S. E-2 work visa, you’re looking at a total investment of almost $350,000 USD and a six-month wait time. To put it another way, under these schemes, a foreign investor with that amount of money might be in the United States with his or her family in approximately six months.

Grenada provides various incentives to investor immigrants that may match their requirements. Fast and simple citizenship application processing, a well-respected passport that allows global travel, a fair cost of living, and a gateway to the United States with an E-2 work visa are among the most appealing features. As a result, it gets good reviews from overseas investors looking for a second passport.

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