How to Renew the 10-Year Permanent Community Card

The renewal of the 10-year permanent community card is a crucial process for European Union citizens residing in Spain who wish to maintain their legal status and continue enjoying associated benefits. This document serves as a testimony of legal residence and provides access to various rights in Spain. In this article, Orience guides you through the necessary steps and requirements for renewal, and how Orience’s legal advice can facilitate this process.

What is the 10-Year Permanent Community Card

The permanent community card is a document certifying the residence of European Union citizens and their family members in Spain. This card, valid for 10 years, grants various benefits such as access to the job market, health and education services, among others. It also facilitates freedom of movement within the Schengen territory. Obtaining and renewing this card is essential to maintain legal residence in Spain, ensuring the continuity of these benefits.

Renewal Requirements

To renew the 10-year permanent community card, it is essential to meet certain requirements:

  • Documentation: Valid ID or passport, current card, and proof of address.
  • Continuous Residence: Demonstrate residence in Spain for the last 5 years.
  • Economic Solvency: Evidence of stable income or an employment contract.
  • Health Insurance: Medical insurance covering your stay in Spain.

It is important to review any changes in legislation that may affect renewal requirements, and if in doubt, legal advice is recommended.

Renewal Process

The renewal of the community card can be done at immigration offices or online. The process includes:

  • Application: Fill out and submit the EX-20 form along with the required documentation.
  • Previous Appointment: Schedule an appointment at the immigration office to submit the documents.
  • Tracking: You can follow the status of your application online through the immigration portal.
  • Collection: Once the renewal is approved, you must collect your new card at the assigned office.

The estimated time for renewal may vary, although it generally takes between 3 to 6 months. It is essential to start the process in advance to avoid complications.

Special Considerations

The renewal process of the permanent community card may have specificities depending on each applicant’s specific case. Some special considerations include:

  • Periods Outside of Spain: If you have been outside of Spain for a considerable period, it is important to verify how this may affect your renewal.
  • Changes in Family Situation: Any changes in your family situation, such as marriage, divorce, or children, must be properly documented.
  • Criminal Records: Criminal records can affect renewal. It is crucial to understand how criminal records in Spain or other countries can impact your application.
  • Data Modification: If there have been changes in your personal data, it is fundamental to update this information at the time of renewal.

Associated Costs

Renewing the permanent community card involves various costs that must be considered, including:

  • Administrative Fees: There are administrative fees associated with the renewal of the community card.
  • Translation and Apostille Expenses: If documents are in another language, you will have to bear the costs of translation and apostille.
  • Legal Fees: If you decide to hire a lawyer, you will need to consider their fees.
  • Document Procurement Costs: Obtaining certain required documents may have an associated cost, such as requesting criminal record certificates or marriage certificates.
  • Shipping Costs: If it is necessary to send documentation, you should also consider these costs.

It is advisable to budget in advance to be clear about the total cost of the renewal process and be financially prepared.

How Can a Lawyer Assist in the Process?

Assistance from a lawyer specializing in immigration can be invaluable in the renewal process of the permanent community card. The lawyer can:

  • Legal Advice: Provide advice on legal requirements and necessary documentation.
  • Document Preparation: Assist in the preparation and review of all required documents, ensuring they are correctly filled out and appropriate.
  • Representation: Represent the applicant before competent authorities, facilitating communication and understanding of the process.
  • Problem Resolution: In case of issues or delays, the lawyer can act promptly to resolve legal issues that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start the renewal process?

It is recommended to initiate the renewal process at least six months before the card’s expiration.

What happens if the card expires before renewal?

As long as you have initiated the renewal process, your legal status is maintained.

What to do in case of renewal rejection?

In case of rejection, it is crucial to contact a specialized lawyer to understand the reasons for rejection and the steps to follow.


Renewing the 10-year permanent community card is an essential procedure to continue enjoying the benefits of residing in Spain. Knowing the requirements and the renewal process, and relying on appropriate legal assistance, the procedure can be carried out smoothly and without complications. Orience is here to assist you at every step of the process, ensuring a successful renewal of your community card.