Investment Rules and Regulations and Golden Visa in Spain

Spain offers an attractive environment for international investors, not only due to its favorable climate and quality of life but also because of the investment opportunities and advantages provided by the Golden Visa program. This program allows investors not only to achieve financial returns but also to secure residency in Spain, facilitating access to the entire European Union.

Real estate investment in Spain provides a golden opportunity for those seeking not only financial returns but also residency in this vibrant country. However, navigating the maze of laws and regulations can be challenging. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you keep everything under control, highlighting how Orience can facilitate this process.

Introduction to the Golden Visa

The Spanish Golden Visa is an attractive option for non-European investors, offering them the opportunity to reside in Spain through a significant investment in real estate, among other options.

Investment Requirements

To qualify for the Golden Visa in Spain, investors must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Real estate investment: A minimum investment of 500,000 euros in one or several properties.
  • Investment in stocks or bank accounts: A minimum of 1 million euros.
  • Investment in government bonds: A minimum of 2 million euros.

Real Estate Investment

One of the most popular ways to obtain the Golden Visa is through real estate investment, with a minimum of 500,000 euros. This investment must be made without financing from Spanish sources, and the property can be of any type: residential, commercial, land, or even multiple properties that add up to the required amount.

Other Investment Avenues

In addition to real estate investment, there are other options to qualify for the Golden Visa, such as investing 1 million euros in shares of Spanish companies or bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions, or acquiring government bonds for 2 million euros.

Benefits of the Golden Visa

Golden Visa holders enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Residency in Spain for the investor and their immediate family.
  • Freedom to travel within the Schengen area without the need for an additional visa.
  • A pathway to permanent residency and eventually Spanish citizenship, subject to certain conditions.

Residency and Mobility

The Golden Visa grants the investor and their immediate family (spouse and children under 18 or dependent adults) the right to live in Spain and travel freely within the Schengen area without the need for additional visas.

Pathway to Permanent Residency and Citizenship

After five years of legal residence in Spain, Golden Visa holders can apply for permanent residency, and after ten years, Spanish citizenship, subject to meeting integration and language requirements.

Application Process

The process to apply for the Golden Visa involves several important steps and the submission of specific documents, including:


  1. Confirmation of investment through property records or financial documentation.
  2. Private medical insurance contracted with a company operating in Spain.
  3. Visa application through the Spanish consular representation in your country of origin.
  4. Certificate of criminal record from the country of origin or countries where you have resided for the last five years.
  5. Evidence of sufficient funds to support the investor and their family during their stay in Spain.
  6. Once in Spain, registration at the local foreigner’s office to obtain the residence permit.

It is crucial that all documents are correctly translated into Spanish and legalized.

Real Estate Investment Regulations

When investing in real estate in Spain, it is crucial to be aware of local regulations, including:

  • Applicable taxes, such as VAT on new properties or ITP for second-hand properties.
  • Urban planning regulations that may affect the property.
  • Legal requirements for property transfer.

Legal and Tax Considerations

Investing in Spain involves specific legal and tax considerations. Investors must be aware of tax obligations in both Spain and their home country, including income tax, wealth tax, and property transfer tax and documented legal acts for real estate purchases.

How Can Orience Assist You?

Orience offers comprehensive assistance throughout the investment and Golden Visa application process, including:

  • Selection and assessment of properties.
  • Legal and financial assistance to comply with all regulatory requirements.
  • Support in the Golden Visa application process, ensuring a seamless experience for clients.

Orience specializes in guiding investors through the complex process of investment and Golden Visa application in Spain. From selecting the ideal property to navigating the application process and fulfilling all legal and tax obligations, Orience offers complete and personalized advice to ensure your investment and Golden Visa application are successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Golden Visa process take?

The process can vary, but generally takes 2 to 3 months from submitting the application to receiving the visa.

Can I rent out the property I invest in to obtain the Golden Visa?

Yes, you can rent out your properties, which can be a source of income and help you meet the investment requirement. Investors can rent out their properties, providing a regular income stream that helps sustain their investment.

How long must I maintain my investment to retain the Golden Visa?

Investors must maintain their investment for at least five years to qualify for permanent residency. To retain the Golden Visa, the investment must be maintained as long as the residence permit is desired to be renewed.

With Orience’s support, you can confidently navigate the complex process of investment and Golden Visa application in Spain, maximizing your chances of success.

Investing in real estate in Spain and obtaining the Golden Visa is an excellent opportunity for investors seeking not only financial returns but also a lifestyle in one of Europe’s most welcoming countries. With the right support and expert guidance from Orience, you can maximize your chances of success and secure your future.