New measures taken by the Spanish government due to the coronavirus

After two weeks of total lockdown, since yesterday the government has implemented a deactivation of the confinement, which means that workers in those companies where teleworking is not possible can return to their jobs. This measure applies mainly to the construction and industry sectors.

Also, and to preserve the safety of these people as much as possible, the government has prepared a guide of good practices for companies that have resumed their activity:

– Maintain the interpersonal distance of at least 2 meters

– Frequent hand washing

– Hygiene of public and private spaces.

In addition to the previous measures, the Minister of Health has asked employers to stagger the hours of employees and, as far as possible, provide them with the necessary protective equipment.

On the other hand, and about transport, the government has recommended that workers come to work in means in which social distancing can be guaranteed, such as the private vehicle, walking or cycling.

Distribution of masks

In parallel, the government is distributing, since yesterday, hygienic masks for workers who go out to work. They are distributed free of charge in the main public transport stations of trains, subways and buses. In total between yesterday and today more than 10,000,000 million masks will be distributed throughout the country.

The last hour in Spain

Despite the lifting of total lockdown, Spain remains in alarm until April 26, and government sources have already advanced that the situation will last until mid-May. This means that all those who can, should continue to telework and only go outside to buy products, go to the pharmacy or walk the pet. In addition, they can only open supermarkets and pharmacies, and restaurants, bars, shops, museums, etc. they will remain closed.

If we look at the figures, little by little things are improving. According to the latest balance published by the Ministry of Health, the number of those infected continues with the slowest growth, with 3,045 new positives, the lowest number since March 20. As for the cured people, they represent 39% of those infected, with 2,777 new discharges. Finally, and despite the fact that the number of deaths has increased slightly compared to yesterday, the downward trend continues with figures much lower than last week.