Spain opens borders next June 7

Countries like Spain that rely on the tourism sector had experienced the negative impact of the pandemic during the past year, and the release of the COVID-19 vaccines has given hopes to the government to welcome, once again, travelers from around the world. Last May 21, the president of the Government in Spain, Pedro Sánchez, announced the new updates that will benefit the economy of the country, as well as foreigners that are thrilled to visit the Mediterranean country.

Starting June 7, international travelers that have received full vaccination against COVID-19 can travel to Spain. This means that even tourists from the US will be welcomed to visit once again the country, as long as the visitors provide a certificate that proves that the travelers have received a full vaccination against COVID-19 authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or by the World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, last Monday, May 24, citizens of countries safe from COVID-19 were considered eligible to travel to Spain once again. These countries have been classified with low intensity of COVID-19 cases, and the list includes the UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, Israel, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand and Rwanda.

These positive changes in the entry bans in a touristic country like Spain will improve the country’s economy, and will be advantageous to the tourists that have waited for over a year to visit the beautiful beaches and taste the exquisite Spanish cuisine. Furthermore, international entrepreneurs that were seeking to start a business in the country are now welcome to the country, as long as they had received the full vaccination against COVID-19. As the president of the government said, “Spain is pleased to welcome international visitors once again”, for it will help the country’s recovery, and it will mean a step forward towards the new normal for travelers.