Tips to invest in Spanish real estate

Buying and holding real estate, as well as other ways of real estate investment have been one for the safest and most profitable ways for investors to generate a stable income, to increase the investment by holding the property enough, and it can also represent an excellent tax advantage.

Many investors decide to acquire real estate in their home countries, which might be a good idea, especially for those just considering getting started with real estate investment; since they might know their own market better, and the risk would be very low.

However, real estate is one of the best ways of starting with international investments, and even get especial permits to reside in different countries, thanks to programs such as the Golden Visa, which has proven to be very attractive and valuable for international investors.

Why to invest in real estate in Spain?

Either if you are considering investment in real estate for the first time, or you are seasoned in the real estate business; if you are evaluating the possibilities that each country has to offer in terms of real estate, then Spain should definitely be taken into consideration.

This Iberian country, always taken into account when it comes to traveling and visiting, is also an exciting place to invest on this year, as the country has been able to come out of a hard situation, and the outlook seems to be positive, and of continuous improvement, including real estate opportunities.

One of the best reasons for considering investing in real estate in Spain, is that it’s a very varied country, with a rich culture, and in terms of acquiring properties, it offers many good reasons to do so. Some people want to enjoy the sunny days of Spain, while others are interested in a good ROI (Return on Investment).

Advice for investors considering Spanish real estate

The outlook of Spain within the next few years is quite positive, as the country has recovered from a crisis, and last year real estate reached very attractive prices, with a good projection.

This turns Spain into an excellent place to invest on real estate, but you should still consider the following tips before deciding to invest in Spain in real estate:

  • Evaluate the best communities for acquiring real estate

Spain is divided in communities, which is their version of states, and the economy of some communities is better than others, and therefore, the outlook on real estate for some of these is more positive than others.

If you don’t have a clear idea of which communities you should pay special attention to, then consider the following communities: Madrid, Balearic Island, Catalonia, Vasque Country, Canary Islands, Navarra and Seville. As these are some of the most populated communities in Spain, and their economy is on a good time.

  • Consider the opportunity of a Golden Visa

Not everybody is interested on relocating and starting a new life in a different country by buying real estate. However, Spain is striving to attract international investments by offering a Golden Visa.

This is a residency permit that international investors outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland can obtain if, among other ways, invest more than €500,000 in real estate, and this has definitely worked, as this offers an easy way to being able to freely reside in Spain and bypass a lot of the processes that one would normally have to do.

  • Determine your goals on acquiring real estate

Depending on what you would like to accomplish by buying a property in Spain, the community you would invest in, and which city you should invest would vary. That is, if your interest is having a second home to retire or to go on vacations with a family, is different from wanting to stablish in Spain, or apply a buy and hold strategy.

  • Lower the risk by getting informed

The outlook of Spanish economy and real estate are very positive, but you should still get properly informed, so that you take the safest decision, especially if you goal is to generate a stable income or to get a good ROI.

For this, you can get consultancy from a real estate agency specialized on investments in Spain and other countries of the EU; to help you make the best investment for your money.