Visa Solutions: Exploring Global Options for Nomads and Investors


Choosing the right visa is crucial for digital nomads, investors, and entrepreneurs looking to expand their international horizons. With a variety of options available, each with its own benefits, restrictions, and requirements, making an informed and strategic choice is essential. In this interconnected world, the options are diverse, each offering its own benefits and restrictions.

Types of Available Visas

Golden Visa: Gateway to Europe

  • Definition and Benefits: The Golden Visa is an attractive option for those seeking privileged access to Europe. These visas not only offer the possibility to live, work, and study in the issuing country but also open paths towards permanent residency and citizenship.
  • Popular Countries: Portugal, Spain, and Greece are preferred destinations due to their favorable programs, including access to the entire Schengen area and a relatively fast and transparent process.
  • Typical Requirements: The required investment may vary but generally involves a significant contribution in real estate, government bonds, or investment funds.

Visas for Digital Nomads: Working from Anywhere

  • Main Features: These visas are ideal for professionals working remotely and digitally, who wish to live in a new country. They offer flexibility and often favorable tax requirements, allowing digital nomads to work and explore simultaneously.
  • Offering Countries: Notable examples include Barbados, Estonia, and Georgia, each with their own requirements and unique advantages.
  • Advantages: Flexibility to live and work in a new country, often with favorable tax requirements.

Work and Investor Visas: For the International Entrepreneur

    • Differentiators: These visas are for those seeking to establish or expand businesses in a foreign country. They are ideal for serious investors who want an active role in the local market.
    • Examples: The E-2 Visa in the USA and the Start-up Visa in Canada are popular options that offer business opportunities and temporary or permanent residency, depending on the country.
    • Requirements: In addition to substantial investment, these programs often require a detailed and viable business plan, as well as job creation.

How to Choose the Right Visa

Choosing the right visa requires careful analysis of your personal and professional goals. Are you looking for global mobility, business opportunities, or a particular lifestyle? Consider how each type of visa can facilitate your long-term goals.

      • Lifestyle and Goals: Evaluate how each type of visa aligns with your long-term plans and desired lifestyle.
      • Global Mobility and Business Opportunities: Consider how the visa can facilitate your travel and business goals.

Visa Application Process

The process can vary significantly depending on the type of visa and the country. Generally, it involves submitting documents such as passports, proof of funds, and clean criminal records. Proper preparation for interviews and meeting all requirements is key to a successful application.

      • Required Documentation: Valid passport, proof of funds, clean criminal record.
      • Tips for a Successful Application: Accuracy in documentation, compliance with all requirements, preparation for interviews.


Selecting the right visa is a crucial step in achieving your international goals. With a clear understanding of the different options and requirements, you can make informed decisions that pave the way to your personal and professional objectives.

Choosing the right visa opens up a world of opportunities. Whether living in a new country, expanding your business, or simply exploring the world, each visa has its own path and unique benefits.


How does my choice of visa impact my tax status?

Depending on the type of visa and the country, your tax status may vary. It’s important to consider how temporary or permanent residency will affect your tax obligations in both your home country and the destination country.

What level of investment is required for a Golden Visa?

The required investment for a Golden Visa varies by country but is generally in the range of 250,000 to 500,000 euros. It’s important to review each country’s specifications, as some offer lower investment options for certain areas or types of projects.

Do visas for digital nomads allow entry to other countries?

While visas for digital nomads allow residence in the issuing country, they do not automatically guarantee visa-free entry to other countries. However, they can facilitate visa application processes for other destinations due to legal residence in the issuing country.

What is the best visa for digital nomads?

It depends on your specific needs and the country you’re interested in. Estonia and Barbados are popular options with specific programs for digital nomads.

Can I obtain permanent residency with a Golden Visa?

Yes, in many cases, Golden Visas offer a path to permanent residency and eventually citizenship, subject to certain requirements and timelines.

Is it difficult to obtain a work or investor visa?

It can be a competitive process and requires significant investment and a solid business plan. The key is to present a well-structured and viable proposal.

Choosing the right visa is a fundamental aspect of achieving your international aspirations. With the right guidance and strategic planning, you can make decisions that bring you closer to your personal and professional goals, maximizing the benefits of living and working globally. Orience is here to help you navigate this vital process.