How to invest in the Greek real estate market if you are a foreigner?

Discover what are the most promising places to invest and buy real estate in Greece.

Atherns, the Greek capital is currently experiencing a tourist boom and short-term real estate demand is driven by this tourist demand.  In 2018, transactions in the real estate sector of Athens increased by almost 30% and experienced significant growth due to growing demand among investors. Athens is the city in Europe with the second fastest growth rate in tourist numbers.

The most popular areas for tourist reservations are the districts: Koukaki, Akropoli, Plaka, Thissio, Monastiraki, Kolonaki, Lycabettus, Mets, Pagrati, Kerameikos and Votanikos. Owners will definitely benefit from the short-term leases from the continued demand from tourists.

Athens riviera

This stretch of Greek coastline has been often compared to the French Cote d’Azur and some of the most sought after real estate properties are found here. Real estate in this area is much cheaper than that on the Cote d’ Azur. However, real estate in this area is expected will rise in the near future.

Potential investors should look closer at the following towns and villages:

  • Palaio Faliro is a coastal district with the most popular beaches. Athen’s largest port, the Flisvos Marina, is also located here.
  • Glyfada is the largest of Athens’ suburbs and is the capital’s center of nightlife and entertainment. It is considered a prestigious neighborhood and many Greek celebrities own property here.  The local golf club is one of most popular places in Glyfada.
  • Voula, that is only three kilometers from Glyfada and is known for its beaches.
  • Vouliagmeni is a leafy suburb just 30 minutes away from Athens and boasts of luxury villas. A lake surrounded by rocks can be found within the suburb.
  • Varkiza is another beautiful beach destination that water sports enthusiasts will love.


Mykonos is probably the best known of the Greek islands. Investors from other European countries have invested in holiday homes in Mykonos whose high returns have even attracted more investor from Middle Eastern countries.  These high returns are derived from holiday home rentals that extend from April to October.

Buying a property in Greece can be a very interesting and lucrative business for investors.

Reasons to invest in Athens

Athens is a beautiful city and a favorite of tourists from all over the world and is a great place to invest in real estate both in the short and long term. This is a good time to invest in Athens because of its low prices.

Low investment

Greece went through a major economic crisis before and during the pandemic.  Even as the economy is picking up, real estate prices are still at its lowest point.  This is great opportunity to invest.

Strategic Place

Greece is a transit point for many European travelers and the Athens airport is a reference in intercontinental travel.

Wide Natural Landscapes

The natural landscapes of Greece particularly the beaches are beautiful and special, as are the towns scattered throughout the peninsula.   Athens in particular is a historic city of incalculable value.

Mild Mediterranean Climate

The Mediterranean climate of Greece provides it with spectacular beaches, fresh seafood, and fresh produce.

Member of the Schengen Area

Any European citizen can travel freely between countries in the Schengen area and around Greece.


In Greece, anyone can walk the streets without fear, even late in the night.

Affordable Residence Permits

Greek residence permits for non-European citizens are cheaper than other European countries like Spain and Portugal.

The golden visa Greece

The Greek experience and lifestyle can be yours through the Golden Visa Greece. For a minimum investment of €250,000, through a real estate purchase for private ownership or rental, one can avail of a five-year residency after which one can apply for the citizenship program.

The Golden Visa Greece is an ideal program for investors who wish to diversify their assets and grab the opportunity to invest in a booming real estate market, retire in a Mediterranean country with a temperate climate and enjoy a safe and calm life.

The Golden Visa Greece allows the holder the right to live in Greece along with his or her entire family and enjoy the good quality of life that Greeks do. They have free and equal access to the Greek healthcare system and can send their children to good schools.  The holder can travel visa-free within the Schengen zone.

The Golden Visa Greece is approved within 60 days and does not require the applicant to live in Greece. Apply for your Golden Visa Greece right away with Orience.

Skopelou 43

An ideal investment that guarantees a 2% return on investment for five years is the Skopelou 43 project.

Skopelou 43 is a five storey, newly renovated building with twelve apartments that is an ideal real estate investment for those who would like to avail of the Greek Golden Visa.  It is located in Kypseli, one of the more popular neighborhoods in Athens.

The beautiful modern building is close to the main streets but secluded enough to be away from the noise and is ideal as a holiday rental particularly for single people, professionals and small families. It was designed in a way that the spaces are both functional and comfortable.  The façade of the building faces south while one side of the building faces east.  This configuration allows the apartment dweller to experience the Athenian sunshine and the fresh air that flows freely through the apartments. Each floor has only two units each that allow for privacy and space. All twelve units have their own balconies while the two units on the 5th floor also have terraces that look out to the quaint Kypseli area. The living areas average in size from 50 to 90 square meters and have ample space for storage.

Contact Orience if you are interested to invest in this real estate project.