The catering sector shows its most supportive face

Restaurants and bars are another sectors highly affected by the coronavirus crisis. The locals cannot open their doors and for three weeks they have not received diners. Despite the situation, they have wanted to contribute their bit to fight this situation and help the most disadvantaged to have food.

This is the case of ‘Comer Contigo’, an initiative that ensures that no person is left without food these days. The association has served more than 600 meals since last Thursday and more and more chefs are joining the initiative. The dishes are served to those with few resources, but also to doctors from hospital centers in Barcelona.

Another initiative, the first of all to be born, is ‘Health Warriors’, which offers food to health staff, the great heroes of this crisis. Currently, more than 100 restaurants have joined. Another association is ‘Food for Good Bcn’, which has taken advantage of the raw material left over in many restaurants to prepare dishes for a good cause.

At the same time, the famous chef José Andrés has come to Spain to continue working with his project: World Central Kitchen. In this way, and with the help of different collaborators, they serve food to disadvantaged people in different cities of Catalonia.

This is only a small example of the solidarity that Spanish citizens are showing in recent days. In addition to food, there are those who offer to walk pets, make purchases for the elderly or offer psychological care via the internet to better cope with confinement.

Managing the crisis in Spain

Spain is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus crisis and the Spanish government is deploying all its means to control, in the best possible way, the pandemic. As we explain in this post, health management is one of the strengths, since the authorities are managing each and every emergency in a fast and orderly manner.

Likewise, the population remains confined, and the police monitor that no one skips the lockdown. Only essential services personnel such as doctors, nurses, transporters, etc. can go to work, the rest of the people must respect the lockdown until the alarm state is over.