World Health Organization congratulates Spain on its health management

As we explain in this post, the Spanish government is carrying out a great task in the health field during the Covid-19 crisis. Proof of this is the congratulations that the regional director of the WHO for Europe, Hans Kluge, has sent to Spain through his Twitter account. Kluge has been impressed by the work of all health staff, fighting on the front line to alleviate the virus. Likewise, he has had words of congratulation for the Spanish government, applauding the health management and the determination in the measures taken.

Some of the measures that the Spanish government has adopted have been the empowerment of large spaces such as pavilions in provisional hospitals to care for coronavirus patients. Likewise, many private clinics have ceded their spaces to also attend patients, as well as numerous hotels, which have also opened their doors for this cause.

In parallel, the Ministry of Health has worked to expand the number of ICU beds across the country. Under normal conditions, for example, the Community of Madrid has 641 beds, which have now been doubled to 1,461 to alleviate the pandemic. Another of the most affected communities, Catalonia has gone from 652 beds, normally to 1,391.

In any case, and according to the Spanish authorities, the measures of lockdown and social distancing applied during the state of alarm are gradually being noticed. This week objective is to consolidate the slowdown of the pandemic, that is, the number of infected and victims.