Investment immigration trends

The outlook is very good for investment immigration which is predicted to boom in 2022.

Unprecedented events in recent years to the present, such as pandemic, climate change and political instability in certain countries, have pushed high net worth individuals to seek countries and passports that can give them the security, freedom to travel and the privilege to live, work and study in the country that best suits their interests and needs.

  • Investors tend to diversify their assets and investments geographically.
  • The global pandemic has pushed high net worth individuals to look for countries with better, competent and resilient health systems.
  • Entrepreneurs are looking for alternatives through citizenship-by-investment programs that facilitate global travel, especially those with business interests abroad.
  • The growing demand for investment-based residency programs has forced destination countries to increase the amount and rates of investment required and to add more conditions to their respective programs.
  • This demand for investment-based immigration programs has increased significantly.
  • Controls and sanctions by the European Commission and other influential structures have put pressure on many European investment immigration programs.
  • Potential investors have become more sophisticated and very aware of the investment opportunities offered by the global market and a second passport.
  • Experts predict that new products and host destinations will emerge to compensate for the damage caused by the global pandemic, the economic recession and the current political crisis.

Investments in Spain

After Spain’s economic crisis and the pandemic, its government has provided lucrative and financially rewarding incentives for the private sector, particularly foreign direct investments

Real estate prices in Spain are improving and stabilizing after downward trends two years ago. The Banco Central de Espana (Central Bank of Spain) has forecasted that the 5.6% property value and returns reflect an increase from 2021. The Spanish real estate sector has recently been experiencing increases in property sales. There has been an increase of 5.1% on properties in the cities and towns on the Mediterranean coast, 4.7% in the Balearic and Canary islands and 1.2% in the metropolitan areas.

Gross rental yields in Spain have returned to normal. Capitals and large cities in Spain have slowly been increasing their average lease rates that have led to expectations of growth in the real estate market.  Mortgage rates are at an all time low of 1.8%.

Spain is once again a possible investment destination.

Investments in Greece

Greece’s economy is expected to grow 5% in 2022 according to the country’s Central Bank as long as the tourism sector, euro zone’s recovery and the acceleration of investments continue.

Investing in Greece is the most popular because their property prices are on the average up to 40% cheaper than the rest of Europe and with returns of 4.1% to 20% which is generally higher than the European average. The Greek real estate market has a very high growth potential particularly  in the main tourist centers of the country that have occupancy rates that always exceed 80% so a good return on investment is guaranteed.

Greek Golden Visa

The Greek Golden Visa is one of the most popular residency programs in Europe. It includes family members who are below 21 years of age and dependent parents or parent-in-law. It requires only a €250,000 investment in real estate and allows visa-free travel within the Schengen area.  Residency in Greece is not required.

The benefits of the Greek Golden Visa allow for a good quality of life where one can enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate and food that has been found to be the healthiest in the world; high standards of education with the lowest tuition fees in Europe; and free access to the Greek healthcare system.

Golden Visa Spain 

The residence permit by investment program or the Golden Visa Spain is the best option for individuals and their families who are from non-European Union countries.

The Golden Visa Spain is ideal for those who want to live fulltime in Spain or for those who would like to maintain a second residence in Europe without having to become a citizen.

A minimum investment €500,000 in Spain will not only buy you a prime real estate property but also the freedom of movement throughout the European Schengen area, excellent healthcare, world-class school and universities including the two if the best business schools in the world, a healthy lifestyle that is based on the Mediterranean diet and a relaxed, unhurried pace of life.

The holder has the right to live in Spain and experience visa-free travel to 185 countries and throughout the European Union. The Golden Visa Spain is available to you and your family and has no minimum stay requirements.